No One Is Wearing Their Leggings Like This

Whether your 2017 goals include hitting the gym or just making more time for yourself, one item we know you'll get plenty of use out of is a pair of leggings. The sporty-chic staple is the athleisure piece we’ve all come to know and love. But in 2017, it’s time to give this go-to a reboot.

To help inspire you with new ways to wear your leggings in the New Year, we’re looking to a few of our favorite stars for inspiration. They’re taking the leggings into winter by styling simple looks in new, wintry ways. But there's one thing they’re leaving behind: loud leggings.

According to Michelle Watson, founder of sportswear line Michi, "Loud prints and bright colors are a thing of the past. This year is all about dark tones and neutrals." Danny Harris, the co-owner and CEO of Alo Yoga, agrees, saying, "Bold, whimsical prints are on the way out. We are still seeing more subtle prints going strong."

Luckily, armed with these chic outfits, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for making this wardrobe staple feel fresh right now

Read on for the legging looks to avoid, along with nine outfit ideas for the New Year!