I've Given Up Zippers and Buttons But Found 29 Pants That Are Still Chic

Best Pull-On Pants for Summer



I don't know about you, but drawstrings and elastics have completely replaced zippers and buttons in my closet right now. I can't be bothered to wear anything remotely stiff or fussy, but there's a whole world of cute pull-on pants that don't include sweats or leggings. Wide-leg linen pants, long silky trousers, cotton cargos, high-waisted culottes, velvet flares—the options are practically endless. And there's nary a zipper or button in sight.

Below, I've rounded up my favorite pull-on pants from our readers' favorite retailers, including Nordstrom, H&M, Free People, & Other Stories, and Shopbop. Of course, there are plenty of super casual options to wear at home, but others look incredibly polished and put-together. In fact, some of these look exactly like office-ready trousers minus the stiffness of buttons and zippers. Scroll down to shop my favorite pull-on pants right now. 

I absolutely love how these pants are styled with an oversize white button-down and white flip-flops. I'm taking notes. 

Silk is certainly an investment, but it definitely helps when you buy it on sale. These pants are the epitome of laid-back luxury. 

These lightweight plaid pants are so perfect for summer. I'd pair them with a cute white blouse. 

Yes, these pants are as comfortable as they look. They're a refreshing change from constricting leggings. 

These lightweight cargo pants are perfect for warm summer days. 

These are perfectly styled with a crop top to balance proportions. 

The tie-dye trend is all over TikTok right now, and these on-sale pants are a cool interpretation of the vibe. 

This paper-bag waist detail is very on-trend right now.

You can always rely on H&M to provide the affordable version of every trend under the sun. 

These are perfect for lounging at home, but they can also be dressed up block heels and a blazer. 

These are the perfect blend of comfortable and chic. 

These pants look as polished as your favorite trousers, sans the zippers and buttons. 

Best Comfy Pull-On Pants for Women - Drawstring pants, elastic pants



Nothing screams summer like linen pants. The fabric is so breathable and light for warm days. 

Cargo pants don't have to be rigid—these are practically as comfortable as sweatpants. 

Another sophisticated option if you're tired of sweatpants. 

Yep, I'd also style these perfect linen pants with Birkenstocks. 

H&M's styling here is the perfect example of how to dress up pull-on pants. 

Who am I to resist something with the term "wonderstretch" in its name? 

I love the cool brocade look of these sophisticated pants by Club Monaco. 

Pull-on velvet flared pants? Yes, it can be done!

These trousers are a great investment for meetings and interviews down the line. 

These pants boast organic linen, so they're not horrible for the environment (always a plus). 

Leave it to Free People to design corduroy flares. 

Last but not least, this sweet floral print is calling my name.