Here's How the French Make Denim Look Impossibly Chic


Courtesy of Adenorah

French girls have always set the tone for what we consider to be cool. When they add their touch, even something as basic as denim can feel revolutionary. After all, French women do know what they’re doing, which is why it comes as no surprise that they too would take an American classic like denim and make it their own. Such is the case for fashion blogger and Parisian dream girl Anne-Laure Mais of Adenorah, who has a way with charming us with her perfectly styled denim (have you seen her Instagram?). We wanted to know just how the same pieces of denim that we own look differently when she adds her special touch. The secret? Know what to add to your look and what to remove.  

So when you hear the saying “less is more,” consider it the French girl mantra. Mais told us that she follows this rule when it comes to styling her AG's, so we're about to break down how to do just that.

Ahead, see how to French-ify your denim with AG's spring collection, all according to this Parisian. 



Are you ready to start taking Mais' tips for the ultimate French girl wardrobe?