I Think This Is the Coolest Brand of 2020—and It Has High-Street Prices


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With a brand name like House of Sunny, it's perhaps no surprise that the aesthetic is joyful and perfect for holidays and heatwaves. The London-based brand isn't actually that new—it was founded back in 2011—but over the past two years, it has really found its groove. This summer there are two items in particular that are transitioning the label from an industry secret into more of a household name—the Daybreak cardi and the Hockney dress. Like any cult items, they are currently sold out, with much anticipation surround another release.

This week, Kendall Jenner, an already known fan of the brand, shared a picture of her wearing the Hockney—a green knitted slip dress with lilypad swirls inspired by the artwork of David Hockney. This isn't the only item in the summer collection with an outdoors feel—the Daybreak cardi has a landscape print, making it perfect for a road trip or afternoon in the great outdoors. These two pieces are certainly the headlining items in the collection, however, we also love the '70s knitted trouser and cardigan set and the cropped pastel-hued Winona knit.

The pieces all have a unique feel—the type of things that you ask a friend where they bought it, braced to hear it's vintage. However, the price points are all relatively affordable, with most items under £100. The brand has also committed to reducing fabric consumption and waste and has a helpful guide to its sustainable standpoints on its site.

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