I Stepped Into H&M to Shop for Spring—See What Affordable Finds Hit



I'll admit it—I haven't stepped in to shop at H&M in a very long time. It's always fairly crowded at my local mall, and since I'm already scanning new arrivals online for work, I tend to keep my horizons to the digital marketplace. But sometimes I do miss the touch and feel of clothes and find myself shuffling through the crowds on 5th Ave or taking to the suburbs for a local mall trip. After picking up a few things for myself, I knew I had to share some of my finds before they sell out.

While I wish I could take every WWW reader shopping with me, I found a good chunk of what I found IRL on the site so you could join in on the fun. I also couldn't help but add some of my own online finds in the mix because if you haven't noticed, H&M is looking particularly good right now. To see my finds for yourself, continue scrolling.  


The "it" color of the moment.

Leave it to H&M to make cargo pants look chic.

I'm all for a chunky boot, but sometimes you just need something clean and sleek.

This shade on satin always gives a designer look.

Wow, this looks expensive. (Just take a look at that cinched-in waist.)

Sometimes you just need to throw on a tweed jacket and pretend you're in Paris.

H&M's trousers are always insanely comfortable and these are no different.

If you'd rather a more relaxed fit than the more tailored pair above.

H&M has always been my go-to for comfortable and cheap pajamas. (Bonus points: They do not shrink in the wash. I've had that problem with other affordable retailers.)

I can't stop sharing these belts because I love how they're all styled together. (Bella Hadid did it first.)

Dress it up or down—it'll look fantastic either way.

The kind of shirt everyone needs in their closet. Trust me.

Long trenches are more popular, but this shorter style has me completely on board. 

Dare I say this gives Chanel vibes?

Simple and effortless, yet so good.

This has that quiet luxury look.

On-trend denim silhouettes and under $50? You've sold me, H&M.

Some may think these flats are weird, but I think they're undeniably fun.

These sleeves bring on the drama in the best way possible.

If you own this dress, there's no need to stay in tonight.

Accessories like these are a game changer for your look.

Imagine this with an oversized blazer and a pair of slingback heels? Perfection.

I usually opt for linen in the summer so I'm intrigued by a scarf made out of the breezy fabric. I have a feeling it should work perfectly for the transitional weather coming ahead. (Also, this color is just gorgeous.)

I couldn't help it—another striking red moment was needed. (Don't blame me, blame the F/W 23 runways.)

The tassels are what won me over.

The smallest details can make all the difference in a basic.

Change things up from your regular blue denim.