20 Winter H&M Items You Can Easily Wear With Black Leggings


The Style Stalker

Love being comfortable and spending as little money as possible? You've come to the right place. As winter quickly encroaches our homes, there's no time like the present to stock up on all the basics, including coats, puffer jackets, sweaters, and more. But while you're adding these cold-weather items to your carts, we want you to consider one thing: Will these pieces look good with simple black leggings? Let's face the facts. There's an air of laziness that comes along with the winter season as the cold encourages us to opt for what's comfortable and warm versus what's cute and trendy. Black leggings happen to fit the bill in both style and comfort, and we have the shopping guide to prove it.

H&M is one of our favorite places to turn for everything from affordable sweaters to tailored outerwear. Before you go spending an arm and a leg on these seasonal pieces, take a step back and shop here first. Below, we took all the incredibly fashionable winter items hiding at H&M and proved that each can be styled with your most comfortable (and warm) pair of black leggings this winter. Ahead, get ready for 20 outfit ideas and 20 winter essentials you'll add to your cart in no time.