If Hailey Bieber Approves of This Nordstrom Cult-Favorite Robe, It Must Be Good

Hailey Bieber robe



If you're into all things Hailey Bieber, you may already be aware of her new YouTube channel, where she, among other things, has celebrity guests visit her in her massive bathroom. There's always an activity and sometimes snacks. I don't think it's hard to get fun people to sign up for this, and the latest guest is rapper Lil Dicky. (Fun fact: His show Dave on FXX/Hulu is excellent.)

In the video, Bieber and Lil Dicky eat Philly cheesesteaks and treat themselves to a self-care spa day. Halfway through the episode, they put on bathrobes, and I noticed that Bieber's is particularly cozy. I also noticed that it's a best seller on Nordstrom, and since I regularly stalk Nordstrom, this wasn't lost on me. It's from cult-favorite cozy brand Barefoot Dreams, and it has nearly five stars and 900 reviews. It also comes in six colors and comes in at under $100. 

Everything Barefoot Dreams makes is wildly soft, so you can't go wrong. Scroll on to shop some of the best pieces the brand has to offer on Nordstrom, in my opinion.

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Exactly the thing to put on at the end of a long day.