Hailey Bieber Swears By This £192 Face Oil for Glowing Skin

Between backing the micro-cardigan trend and cheerleading the return of everyone's favourite '90s hair accessory, the claw clip, Hailey Bieber has definitely been one to watch in 2021 thanks to how much fun she's been having with both her wardrobe and beauty choices. Since she already took to Instagram earlier this year to share her favourite beauty products with the world, I considered myself to have a pretty good steer on the types of formulas that make Bieber tick and the brands that she swears by to get that celebrity glow. But then I got wind that Bieber had been raving about a certain face oil that she hadn't previously mentioned on the 'gram, and I knew I had to try it. Maybe this would be the product that would imbue my skin with an A-list radiance permanently and be the answer to my glowy-skin prayers? We can only hope.


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If you're interested in the level of glow that we're talking about with this face oil, Bieber declared, "If I'm not getting into bed looking like a glazed doughnut then I'm not doing the right thing," in the skincare-routine video that she shared on her YouTube channel in which she uses the product. The face oil in question? Furtuna Skin's Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil, which retails for a rather eye-watering price tag of £192. Hailey, I better be looking as shiny as Krispy Kreme's HQ after using this.


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"I have really sensitive skin that tends to be on the more dry side, so with that being said usually I add one layer of an oil [after moisturiser]," Bieber explains of her evening skincare routine. "Again, just for the sake of looking like a glazed doughnut." As for application, Bieber never applies "too much," explaining that she "just kind of pats it into the skin," mainly focusing on her cheeks and a little on her forehead. And I have to say, having watched the video, the luminosity is immediately obvious—I was definitely intrigued to give it a go myself.


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First up, I have to come clean and say that I really wasn't familiar with Furtuna Skin before Bieber recommended its face oil, but I was lucky enough to jump on a Zoom call with founders Agatha Relota Luczo and Kim Walls to find out a bit more about the luxury skincare and exactly why their products are so expensive.

"We both wanted to create products that are truly good for you but that are super potent and truly have results," said Luczo. "We truly thought about everything—we started testing and trialling products four years before we launched and everything—and our magical 800-acre farm is at the heart of it all." Yes, at the centre of Furtuna Skin is a fully functioning organic estate in Sicily, where all the brand's wild-foraged ingredients are grown and harvested to form the basis of the brand's clinically proven skincare formulas. "The gentleman who runs the farm for us is called Dr. Marino, and he has a double Ph.D. in botany and biology, and he's just a plant wizard. He can tell you anything about any a plant's benefits, and we are just so blessed and lucky to have him."

So far, so good. But what did the founders have to say about the face oil itself?


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As someone who is prone to breakouts, I was keen to find out whether such a luxurious face oil would work for me. "All of our products are intentionally designed to work for all skin types, and the core products are built to be a foundation for any and every skin type," explained Walls. "Teenagers could use this, and it would help to minimise acne or blemishes—it's not how we promote it, but these products are about healthy skin, so that means balancing the skin's pH and supporting the skin's microflora, which is so necessary for everyone. Plus, our oil has vitamin C in it, so along with the olive oil, it's providing a really potent level of antioxidant protection that will not only brighten your skin but protect it, too."

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