Gigi Hadid Pens Essay: "It Can Be Empowering to Be Able to Defend Yourself"


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You've probably heard about the incident during Milan Fashion Week where Gigi Hadid was accosted by a stranger and defended herself. Now, Hadid is speaking out: She wrote an essay for Lenny Letter eloquently addressing the subject and highlighting the importance of self-defense. 

"If anything, I want girls to see the video and know that they have the right to fight back, too, if put in a similar situation," Hadid wrote. "Practicing self-defense is important so that when you're in the moment, reacting from muscle memory comes more naturally to you than freezing up." 

Hadid went on to say that she didn't think the move to fight back was heroic—it was simply her gut instinct. "I know people are put in much worse situations every day and don't have the cameras around that provoke social-media support," Hadid wrote. "I just want to use what happened to me to show that it's everyone's right, and it can be empowering, to be able to defend yourself." Amen to that. 

What are your thoughts on Gigi Hadid's essay? Tell us in the comments below. And to focus on Hadid's positive experiences during the week, check out one of our favorite outfits of hers from Milan Fashion Week

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