Shop the Sunglasses Gigi Hadid Is Obsessed With

Thanks to sites like the Coveteur, it’s no secret that celebrities have generously-stocked closets. It girls like Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, and Gigi Hadid could likely wear something different every single day if they wanted. Which is why it always intrigues us when we spot one of our favorite ladies giving special sartorial favor to one specific item. We assume there must be something exceptional about the piece—perhaps it goes with everything, adds interest to basic outfits, or always photographs well. Whatever the case, we’re taking note, which is why we’re calling out Hadid’s affinity for KREWE sunglasses today.

The model of the moment has sported several styles from the New Orleans-based sunglasses line, with a particular obsession with the chic St. Louis Black Matte sunglasses.

Scroll down to see our favorite Hadid pictures featuring KREWE sunglasses, and if you happen to be in the New Orleans area, check out their first flagship store opening August 30th in the French Quarter.