Gigi Hadid's Halloween Costume Was So Stylish

While we expected Gigi Hadid to dream up a memorable Halloween costume, we weren't quite expecting the chic Cub Scout costume that she wore to Taylor Swift's Halloween gathering last night. While everyone else was dressed as characters from Stranger Things and Suicide Squad this year, Hadid instead opted for a stylish take on a classic uniform, featuring a slew of current trend, including velvet (her pants), patches (on her button-down shirt), and embroidery (emblazoned on a ring holding her silk scarf together). Suspenders, aviators, an army backpack, a pair of moccasin boots, and a wide-brim hat completed the stylish look.

Given that we're always on the lookout for stylish costumes that are more cute than sexy, we'll definitely be remembering this one for next year. Aside from the stellar costume idea, Hadid also convinced us that we need her forest green cropped velvet pants in our lives.

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