The One Color to Skip This Fall


Getty Images

There’s one color that’s been so popular recently that a completely new name was invented for it. It’s definitely on your Instagram feed, most likely in your medicine cabinet, and probably in your closet. We’re talking about Millennial Pink—that shade of rose quartz that swept 2017 and became a phenomenon. But is the popularity of the color coming to an end?

According to celebrity stylist Sarah Slutsky, it might be time to back away: “I know it’s painful, but can we slowly try to move Millennial Pink into, say, deep blush? I know—it’s a hard move for me too!” Whether or not you’re ready to abandon the hue, Slutsky offers three cool fall colors to wear instead. Her top three are mustard, burgundy, and lavender. The last one might be surprising, but lavender made a huge appearance on the spring runways, and we’re predicting it will be everywhere in six months. Why not get a head start by wearing it now?

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