The French Way to Dress for the Airport

Here in the U.S., what we wear to the airport is obviously a hot topic, as is French style, which got us thinking about how French women do airport style. (Two of your favorite subjects, combined!) Are they more concerned with comfort or looking chic, or both? How much thought do they really put into it? What about footwear? So many questions! To get some answers and find out how French and American women differ on the subject of airport dressing, we consulted a few French women that are known for their impeccable style.

These It girls told us exactly what they wear for travel days, confirming that comfort is in fact key, as long as it's in keeping with the effortlessly polished aesthetic that they've perfected. Not only did they divulge their air travel outfit formulas to us, we took it a step further and shopped out each outfit for you to emulate on your next travel day. 

Check out the airport style tips from the likes of six of our favorite French It girls, below! 

Jeanne Damas, Parisian It girl and founder of the new clothing line Rouje (we're obsessed), has a go-to airport outfit that's in perfect keeping with her signature feminine Jane Birkin–esque style: a wicker basket bag, Rouje jeans, espadrilles, a comfortable Rouje T-shirt, and a cashmere sweater from Nathalie Dumeix for during the flight.

Stylist and Adenorah blogger Anne-Laure Mais changes us her outfit based on flight length. She told us, "My airport outfits will really depend on the flight duration. If it's only one to three hours, I will wear a pair of jeans with boots, sandals, or espadrilles, and a big jumper, because I'm always super cold on planes. If it's a long trip, I am wearing leggings, a big jumper, and Converse sneakers. I am not really fashionable when I travel; I really prefer to keep comfortable."

We were curious to see what how Betty Autier of Le Blog de Betty does airport style, given her playful, slightly retro sensibilities. In her words, "I dress as comfortably as I can. At least I try, as sometimes I can't help wearing strange clothes! Ideally, I wear trousers and sneakers and a comfortable sweatshirt that's soft inside. On my last trip, I ended up with wedge-heeled shoes, and when I left the plane, it was impossible to put them back on, as my feet had swollen, and I had to continue bare-footed! Otherwise, I would recommend jeans that aren't too tight, a cute hoodie, and some flat boots or sneakers."

She also shared with us that her wardrobe can depend on her destination: "If I travel to a warm destination, I travel with a dress and sandals, even if it's minus 10 in Paris when departing. I'm always too warm on planes, and I hate arriving in a warm country with winter clothes." When it comes to what she carries on, she said, "I also only take the minimum on board: a small handbag with my wallet, passport, keys, and phone. Then just a little Loewe bag just big enough to suit my MacBook, and that takes up minimum space."


Betty Autier

Adeline Rapon, who can often be seen sporting classic looks with a masculine edge, filled us in on her accessible airport outfit of choice: "I found the best pants to travel, and they're from American Apparel. They're super light and soft. Pairing them with a body[suit] and black shoes is always a comfy win." 


Adeline Rapon 

Quintessential Parisian girl Sarah Nait (check out her blog—it's filled with great outfit ideas) favors an outfit that's as cool as she is. She divulged, "When I travel, I usually wear a pair of black flared-leg knit pants, a men's white linen shirt, and a pair of Converse or Birkenstocks. In my [bag], I always carry a cashmere sweater and a large stole, just in case. The key when you wear a casual and comfortable outfit is to choose good-quality pieces to look effortlessly chic. You can add a watch and oversize shades and you're good to go!"

Louise Ebel, the French girl behind the blog Miss Pandora, stays true to her feminine ways when dressing for the airport. She gave some insight into how French women dress for travel days: "In Paris, we don't really have a specific airport style (no sweatpants for sure!), so we wear something cute but comfy too. Personally, I favor a simple flowy dress (with black tights if it's short) and a kimono jacket because it's a great way to feel stylish while remaining comfy and warm on the plane!"

Which of these airport outfits would you be most likely to wear? Did you notice any major differences between French and American airport style? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening image: Getty Images