The French Way to Dress for the Airport

Here in the U.S., what we wear to the airport is obviously a hot topic, as is French style, which got us thinking about how French women do airport style. (Two of your favorite subjects, combined!) Are they more concerned with comfort or looking chic, or both? How much thought do they really put into it? What about footwear? So many questions! To get some answers and find out how French and American women differ on the subject of airport dressing, we consulted a few French women that are known for their impeccable style.

These It girls told us exactly what they wear for travel days, confirming that comfort is in fact key, as long as it's in keeping with the effortlessly polished aesthetic that they've perfected. Not only did they divulge their air travel outfit formulas to us, we took it a step further and shopped out each outfit for you to emulate on your next travel day. 

Check out the airport style tips from the likes of six of our favorite French It girls, below! 

Which of these airport outfits would you be most likely to wear? Did you notice any major differences between French and American airport style? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening image: Getty Images