These 5 Swim Brands Are Every French Woman's Secret Weapons


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I lied and said it only took hours, but I spent an entire week researching swimwear trends, and I am now obsessed with the entire category. While I had fun finding out which swimsuits are expected to be big next—and shopping for them, too—I decided I wanted to spend more time with the classics. You know, those swimsuits that really, truly aren't going anywhere. When it comes to anything timeless, I know exactly where to turn: the French gal.

French swimwear brands aren't easy to come by, but those available are pretty damn good. One of my latest fantasies is to spend a summer hopping from yacht to yacht in the South of France. Whether or not I achieve that dream anytime soon, I'm still going to make myself feel like it's happening by shopping these French brands that European women swear by. This American is officially on board too. 



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This brand brings on the pool party in all the right ways. The influence is real. Since Oséree launched its glitz and glam pieces, I've seen many other brands follow suit. 



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Elevated, chic, and so timeless, Eres is everything French girls define themselves as. The brand designs its pieces with functionality in mind, so if you are a water-sport type of person, you'll definitely be into this.



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You can always find unique and elevated pieces in a French girl's closet, and this brand brings just that. The designer herself tests every swimsuit when dry and wet to ensure they're up to her standards, which must be high because every piece is award-winning. 



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This brand is as French as it gets. Welcome to that boutique in Paris that you had so much fun shopping at but couldn't find its pieces ever again. It's direct-to-consumer, so it's unlikely you'll accidentally be matching your friend.



(Image credit: Courtesy of Isabel Marant.)

And for the high-fashion take, we turn to Isabel Marant. The designer has been wowing us with her runway shows for years, never failing to turn heads. Her swimwear collection does just the same.

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