Here's What French Women Candidly Have to Say About Style in 2018

Last month we asked a few of our favorite French—and France-living—women to set the record straight. What’s a French fashion cliché that you’re so over? The responses ran the gamut and rightly so. As much as we appreciate iconic French fashion and get excited by how it’s interpreted and developed today, no one deserves to be put into any kind of box. Certainly not pertaining to personal style. But the question lingered a bit: What is French style in 2018?

Again we turned to our social media community and found answers that spoke more to how those living in France are discovering and celebrating style today and less to do with chalking it up to je ne sais quoi. Ahead see what these modern muses candidly have to say about French style in 2018, as well as who and what are inspiring them.