What French Girls Will (and Won't) Wear for the Holidays


Sandra Semburg

As it turns out, celebrating the holidays in France doesn't sound all that different from celebrating stateside. "Usually it's a family time, very relaxed, good homemade food, foie gras, champagne, etc.," says Judith Milgrom, designer of Parisian label Maje. But while there may be similarities (excluding the foie gras), the holiday uniform for French women is distinct. "I think we might opt for a less dressy look than Americans," Milgrom notes. "Or if we dress up, we'll go with a faux non-makeup look and leave our hair undone, natural. It’s always a question of balance. We do our best to look cool, but it actually takes time."

And as for New Year's, like us, the French also love a little sparkle: "Anything glitter, embroidered, lace, sequins, metallic, gold, rhinestones… but never too much. High heels are an option, but we also like to twist an evening dress with flats. If we wear high heels, we take them off while dancing on the dance floor." So what are the five holiday staples of French women? We asked Milgrom to fill us in. Her picks are a little black dress, a tuxedo jacket (with matching pants), a mini bag, a statement coat, and simple, easy-to-dance-in heels. Below, we're shopping out each pick for you. Just remember, in Milgrom's words, "imperfection is beautiful," so don't stress too hard about pulling off an exact ensemble. Wear what you enjoy.

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