The French-Girl Way to Wear Velvet

While the French aren't ones to be slaves to the trends, they do keep in step with (or a few paces ahead of) the sartorial persuasions of the times. Always reworking the classics and reinventing new ways to pull off staple pieces with a certain je ne sais quoi, French women can be counted on to turn a trend on its head and make it their own.

Stateside, the material of the season (spoiler alert: velvet) has shown itself in statement pieces—blazers, booties, and other blocks of it here and there. Leave it to the French to take the material we're all fixated on and practice maximalism to a shameless degree. When French-girl style meets the of-the-moment material, the results are nothing short of synergistic. Rather than playing to the look du jour with key pieces carefully integrated into an outfit, French women who wear velvet make the material the essence of their whole ensemble.

See below for the French-girl way to wear velvet, and shop velvet pieces from our favorite French brands.