I'm Curious: Who Do French Women Follow for Inspiration?

It's no secret that we look to French women for fashion and style inspiration. They have a certain effortlessly chic flair that most of us aspire to possess. Maybe it comes naturally being surrounded by so much beautiful art and architecture? But even the most stylish need somewhere to turn when they've run out of inspiration.

Curious about who influences the world's most stylish group of women, I reached out to a few to find out who they look to for fashion innovation. If French women are following them to be inspired, it's pretty safe to say these accounts are as cool and creative as they come. Below, find out who chic French fashion girls go to for inspiration.

Claire Most

"@endlesslyloveclub (aka Jen Ceballos)—her photos are so spontaneous and her sense of style is perfect."

"@alealimay—she is gorgeous. Her style is definitely futuristic! A bit tomboy, a touch of street, and she is still super feminine."

"@nitsanraiter—she is so cute. I love her profile and aesthetic. Lots of pastel colors and definitely a good mix between designer pieces and more affordable items."

"@jennabey—Jenn is amazing. She is the queen of surprise layering! And her aesthetic is so pleasing." 

Estelle Chemouny

"I love girls who have their own identities and who wear whatever they want! There are three amazing girls that come to mind: @samimiro—she is the queen of vintage. That's something I love! The way she mixes streetwear and vintage is beyond perfection."

"@alwaysjudging (aka Courtney Trop)—I've been following her for a while, and that girl simply rocks whatever she puts on. She owns it!"

"@devonleecarlson—seeing her posts always makes me happy. She's so pretty and is always smiling. I love that spontaneous energy. We French girls rarely smile in pictures, and that's a shame! I'm also obsessed with her crazy outfits!"

Loulou De Saison

"@___whatshesaid—for the images and aesthetic of course." 

Laberiane Ponton

"@ganna_bogdan—this girl is so cool and inspiring. I love to follow her and her crew in L.A."

"@venedacarter—also based in L.A. with a very cool and '90s street style." 

"@alizeegamberini—my best friend and partner in crime. She always makes me want to be better and stronger, and it's fun to follow her fashion adventures throughout the year." 

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