I'm a Vogue Paris Fashion Editor—Here Are 5 Trends I'll Be Wearing This Fall

Vogue Paris fashion editor Eugénie Trochu is someone I look to for her expertise in what’s happening on the runways and in the fashion world at large, but also for her cool personal style and how she interprets the latest trends. A quick scroll through her Instagram always leaves me inspired.

Working in fashion and living in Paris has helped shape her personal style, but it was recently that she landed on what feels like "her." “When I started working in fashion 10 years ago,” she explains, “I was trying to reproduce the fashion cliche of la Parisienne.” Now, she’s dressing for herself and has adopted a more daring sense of style, which translates to what she’s wearing but also what she’s covering as an editor. “I don’t want to show only one image of French-girl style. We are so different and cool—I want to be more creative and bold on how we represent the French look,” she tells us, “the French girl has many faces, shapes, and beauty ideals—like all her neighbors in the world, she’s not an exception.”

So, how does this translate to Trochu’s personal sense of style? Her looks are undeniably chic and as she describes it, “evolving a lot.” “I can be a sexy party girl one day, a supra hippie bobo the day after, and a tomboy the next,” she explains. “I don’t want to be typecast or to be constrained in a box.”

Curious to find out how the fall fashion trends will fit into her ever-evolving style, I asked Trochu to weigh about what she’s most excited to wear for the upcoming season. Ahead, the five fall fashion trends French editor Eugénie Trochu is giving the stamp of approval.

1. Baggy Jeans

French fall fashion trends: baggy jeans


Courtesy of Our Legacy

Why the trend makes the cut: “Super-long denim jeans with a baggy shape are perfect to wear with a knit crop top and some Dr. Martens (or Amina fluorescent shoes to go out).” —Eugénie Trochu

Styling tip: Style baggy jeans with a bra top and oversize poplin button-down.

French fall fashion trends: head-to-toe knitwear


Courtesy of Miu Miu

Why the trend makes the cut: “We’re seeing knitwear from head to toe for a comfy yet sexy silhouette. I can’t wait to unite it with the ski chic trend that we saw, for example at Miu Miu. Play with it, revealing the skin here and there, between hot and cold, but bring your puffer jacket to stay warm outside.”—Trochu

Styling tip: Wear a knit set with platform sandals for a transitional look.

3. '90s Leather

French fall fashion trends: '90s leather


Courtesy of Givenchy

Why the trend makes the cut: “My obsession of this fall season (and to be honest, the last one too): the nineties leather mood. The statement? Think Matrix, live Matrix.”—Trochu

Styling tip: Go for head-to-toe black for maximum impact.

4. Transparent Dresses

French fall fashion trends: transparent dresses


Courtesy of Coperni

Why the trend makes the cut: “Pairing your panties with your shoes? Be careful—it’s a hard game. And it means that you need to wear a transparent dress. Camille Charriere and Helena Tejedor perfectly did it at Arnaud and Sebastien’s wedding (the two designers from Coperni).”—Trochu

Style tip: Stick to neutral shoes and panties or go for a pop of color with a saturated shade like hot pink.

French fall fashion trends: retro prints


Courtesy of Versace

Why the trend makes the cut: “Fashion is inherently nostalgic. The ultimate proof? Retro prints are making their comeback. I think about the Hermès prints (the horse-bit and stirrup motifs—really classy and BCBG—Galliano’s one like the newspaper, or Jean Paul Gaultier’s soleil one. I’m nice, I’ll share with you my secret address where I found them: Signé Vintage.”—Trochu

Style tip: Layered prints are really the way to drive the prints home, so go for a coordinating top and pants.