I Usually Hate Trending Aesthetics, But TikTok's #GardenGirl Has Me

garden girl aesthetic

I'm usually very anti-trending movements on social media—to the point where I almost choose to switch off from the madness altogether. I've come to expect that they flare up and die out just as quickly, leaving behind a wake of useless accessories and poorly-chosen clothes that never get worn again. The sadness! As an editor with over 15 years of experience behind me, I know a timeless investment when I see one, and I am also very aware of what looks like a fad from fifty paces. And so, when I see a stream of eras, aesthetics or #girls flooding my feed, a strict filter gets applied, and I often use that discerning nature to ensure that Who What Wear UK only provides readers with the intel that genuinely helps improve one's wardrobe rather than confuse it.

To my surprise, I am into the latest look gaining traction on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest: #gardengirl. Maybe it's because I've actually taken up gardening as a therapeutic hobby in the last few months. Perhaps it's down to craving nature and being in the great outdoors after what has felt like The Longest Winter Ever Known. Maybe it's because someone somewhere proclaimed floral prints were dead, and I love to go against the tide. Whatever the reason, I'm clearly not alone. Over on Pinterest searches for "garden aesthetic" are up 34 per cent month-on-month, and "farm life" has increased by 27 per ent. Meanwhile on TikTok, "garden tok" is up 30% and we can see over 180k posts related to #gardengirl on Instagram.

So, grab your wellies and start following Monty Don, because here I will walk you through the pillars of the bucolic fashion trend…


Riley Keogh in jeans, Birkenstocks and straw hat

(Image credit: Backgrid UK)

First up, we need to acknowledge that there are essentially two different garden girls: the ones who are dressing like they're going to get down and dirty with some aggressive weeding, and those who like to frolic in whimsical country gardens. Giving an excellent impression of the former is Daisy Jones and the Six star, Riley Keogh. From her exaggerated flower-pot straw hat, to her loose-fitting jeans-and-shirt, and ideal Birkenstocks are the very picture of an authentic #gardengirl. Joining her is former Who What Wear UK cover star, Amelia Windsor. She counts gardening as her favourite past time: "It makes you so happy. It’s so good for you,” Windsor told us in an exclusive interview last year. "You are outside all the time. The soil gives you amazing bacteria, gives you serotonin. It’s a way to meet different people if you do volunteer gardening. I’ve met some of the nicest people, and if it’s done sustainably, it can be a great thing for the planet. So it’s a win-win situation.”

Amelia Windsor wearing a puffer coat and jeans

(Image credit: @amelwindsor)


Whether a carefully-chosen headscarf (knotted at the chin, of course), a floppy sunhat or rustic tote or pannier bag (for carrying a big bouquet or set of trowels), slip-on clog-style shoes (especially worn with socks), any gardening-tined accessory will help bring the outdoorsy vibes.

woman wearing a headscarf and white dress

(Image credit: @rayan.xasan)

girl wearing a floral jacket and white dress

(Image credit: @sarahjanebea)


I keep reading reports that floral prints are trending down but my Instagram feed is telling a very different story! When combined with summery silhouettes, floral-prints are still very present in the world of romantic dresses. Go barefoot for the full look.

women wearing summer dresses in a field

(Image credit: @chrissyford)

woman wearing a floral nightdress

(Image credit: @charlottejacklin)


For the purity that garden-life brings, white cottons, linens and broderie anglaise details are all-important for this aesthetic.

woman wearing a white dress

(Image credit: @meccajw)

woman in a field wearing a white dress and headscarf

(Image credit: @sallyomo)


Treating your dress almost like a work-person's pinafore (layered over trousers and kept pretty long) gives off gardener vibes in the best way.

woman wearing a checked dress over trousers

(Image credit: @racheleveritt)

woman in a garden wearing stripes

(Image credit: @hannsteffanson)


Hannah Almassi
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