I Tried Out 4 Fashion Trends That Just Went Viral on TikTok

After a year of doling out likes to puppies and workouts I'll never do, my TikTok FYP was just not giving what it was supposed to give, especially in the fashion department. With some small tweaks to my scrolling behavior, I'm happy to report I finally found my aesthetic niche within fashion TikTok, and we love it here.

I tried four fashion trends that just went viral on my FYP, and I must say that these trends have unlocked so many outfit ideas I was just not thinking about before. Thanks, Gen Z. At first, I was a little hesitant to take fashion advice from people half my age, but it's just not in my DNA to see a fire new look and pass up the opportunity to test it out. 

Keep scrolling to see how I tried four fashion trends that are currently all over my TikTok feed while staying true to my personal style. Some of these trends may initially look familiar, but pay attention to the styling to see how the trend has evolved over the past few months.

Y2K Trend

2021 TikTok fashion trends: futuristic y2k aesthetic



We have reported on the resurgence of Y2K style before, and TikTokers continue to find new ways to wear the trend. As someone who was embarrassingly obsessed with the boy bands and accompanying bubblegum style that defined the early 2000s, it's refreshing to see TikTokers explore the more subversive side of Y2K fashion. 

This Xtina "Dirrty" version of Y2K style takes inspiration from the era's obsession with technology and what a futuristic new millennium may look like. Think neo, cutouts, and ruching.

How I'm wearing it:
2021 TikTok fashion trends: futuristic y2k aesthetic


@banniakabread; STYLING: As You Convertible Top ($24); Monki Reya Denim Shoulder Bag ($48); I.Am.Gia pants

I definitely feel like an extra in The Matrix, in more ways than one. This convertible top takes the cutout trend to the next level—the sleeves are completely separate from the top and kind of feel like gloves, which I love. I completed the look with strappy pants inspired by Coyote Ugly and a denim baguette bag for no reason other than to remind us all of that iconic Britney-Justin matching moment.

Shop my look:

This is the shirt I tried in a different color. The dart stitches in the bust create a super-flattering fit.

The ties at the hip bone are so perfect.

Get your dose of denim without putting on jeans.

Shop more Y2K fashion:

I'm a huge fan of Nensi Dojaka and her apocalyptic yet elegant designs.

Ruching is probably my favorite element of Y2K style. Take my coins.

Straight from the wardrobe of a Y2K hot girl. 

You'll be wearing this with every bodysuit and crop top you own.

Shop the matching Ruched Bodysuit ($50).

Scarf-tie tops are so nostalgic yet timeless. While you can tie any large silk scarf around your body to get the look, I love the clean lines and unfussy appeal of this top. 

This baguette bag will fit exactly everything you need. Personal rule: If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

So comfy and chic. The white trim reminds me of the foam a wave makes when it breaks. 

Matchy-Matchy Trend

2021 TikTok fashion trends: matchy-matchy accessories



If there's a trend millennials and Gen Z can agree on, it's matchy-matchy dressing. Wearing a matching set or matching your accessories makes you look put-together in the most low-maintenance way possible. For that, fashion girls of all ages keep this styling trick in their back pocket.

How I'm wearing it:
2021 TikTok fashion trends: matchy-matchy colorblocking


@banniakabread; STYLING: ASOS Design Gingham Dress ($50); Dr. Martens Jadon Boot ($170); Freckles Mark Aviator Sunglasses ($15); JW Pei Gabbi Bag ($65)

The simplest way to try the matchy-matchy trend is by color-blocking with accessories. I paired my orange and orange accessories with a black-and-white dress to really allow the color to pop.

There's a reason the colored-sunglasses trend and the matchy-matchy trend caught fire around the same time—they play really well in the sandbox together.

Shop my look:

The jet-black frames definitely edge up any look.

At this price, I'll take this little bag in every color.

Shop more matchy-matchy pieces:

Terry cloth is velour's underappreciated sister and deserves all your attention.

The juxtaposition between the various fabrics sparks joy. You'll be able to find an accessory to match one of the many colors.

This hat is giving shade at a picnic, which sounds like my type of fun.

Pack your lunch in this cutie. 

This print is so Funkadelic that it makes me want to put on some George Clinton and start cleaning the house.

The matching headband that comes with this top is the perfect accessory to match the mid-century modern Palm Springs vibe.

Tennis-Skirt Trend

2021 TikTok fashion trends: sporty tennis skirt



Tennis skirts have fast come to define TikTok fashion over the past year but are far from new. In fact, they have been a mainstay of my L.A.-girl wardrobe since middle school when I was forced, against my strong will, to wear a uniform every day. All those years in the same uniform definitely gave me time to explore all its iterations, which I use to my advantage now that I choose to wear it on my own—it's funny how life works.

While the classic white tennis skirt is still in, you'll want to make room in your closet for checkered-print tennis skirts and embrace sporty styling combinations. Dress like the tennis star you want to be, not the one you are. 

How I'm wearing it:
2021 TikTok fashion trends: sporty tennis skirt



I leaned into the sporty styling of the trend and paired this white tennis skirt with my beloved Kobe jersey. To add some texture and because it's still chilly in L.A., I added a cozy shrug.


Shop my look:

Treat this skirt as you would a blank canvas—it will go with every color in your closet.

Because I always look for sneakers that I can also actually exercise in. I know, the gall!

Shop more tennis skirts:

This is me still waiting for my parents to pick me up from school.

I'd wear this on a hike to spice things up.

The perfect tennis dress. BRB, copping now.

Style this skirt with all your black vintage tees.

If you're actually going to play tennis, the skort is a winner.

You don't see this orange-and-gray color combo often.

This style of tennis skirt with the front flap is very authentic to my middle school experience.

Corset Trend

2021 TikTok fashion trends: corsets



Lady Whistledown would be proud to see all the fashion girls wearing corsets again. This lingerie trend, originally designed to wear underneath clothing, is instead appearing over baggy shirts, sweatshirts, and even jackets to add some shape to an outfit. I especially love seeing the trend how it's styled here—with a cropped top and relaxed-fit bottoms.

How I'm wearing it:
2021 TikTok fashion trends: corsets


@banniakabread; STYLING: ModeGal Mesh Underbust Corset ($16)

The underbust corset has become a personal favorite because it's hard for me to find corsets that fit both around the chest and the waist. I tried the trend with super-relaxed loungewear to contrast the structured nature of the corset.

A welcome effect of the corset is better posture, which comes in handy when you're sitting all day.

Shop my look:

The boning keeps things tight but isn't too rigid.

I'm very particular about sweatshirts. The high neckline and oversize '90s fit in this one make it ideal.

Bright white sweatpants are so fresh. If someone scuffs them, I'm fighting.

Shop more corsets:

The boning on this top makes me confident it won't need much adjusting throughout the day. 

This has Dua Lipa written all over it.

This underbust corset has almost perfect reviews on Amazon.

I would clash this floral print with another for fun.

If you want a shortcut to the trend, this all-in-one top is your girl. I would wear it partially unbuttoned, revealing stacked gold chains.