I've Done the Research: These Are the 6 Best Trainers to Wear With Skirts

I cannot overstate how happy it makes me that trainers have become not only an acceptable footwear option for almost every scenario but also a bonafide fashion staple. Comfortable, versatile and available in a range of silhouettes and colours, trainers are the shoes you can confidently sign up to wear all day long with no fear of aching feet or blisters. But once summer comes around, heels low and high seem to slyly work their way onto the scene. When I reach for skirts or dresses, I begrudgingly find myself reaching for a heeled sandal out of the belief that they're the only style that will match. No more!

@marina_torres wearing Sambas with a white skirt

(Image credit: @marina_torres)

Don't get me wrong—heels will always have their place, and I will always love the boost of confidence that the little lift provides. But some days, practicality has to win, and why should it mean sacrificing on the fashion front? Extensive Instagram scrolling has confirmed my belief that trainers can in fact look great with skirts—you just have to find the right pairing.

If you like the understated, minimalist look, you'll want to opt for svelte silhouettes in muted tones, like the classic Converse or the much-loved Samba. If you want a slightly retro vibe that can dress down a skirt you worry looks too polished, pair your mini or slinky maxi with a chunky-soled style like the New Balance 550. Whatever your preference, I think I've found the six trainer styles that will go with almost any skirt. Happy shopping!

The Best Trainers to Wear With Skirts This Summer

1. Converse

@camillecharriere wearing converse with a slip skirt and striped jumper

(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

Style Notes: Trust Camille Charrière to create a seriously chic look that exudes French sophistication. The pairing of Converse with a slinky slip skirt and Breton-stripe jumper may seem unexpected, but it manages to give the whole look an effortless, relaxed vibe that completely works.

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2. Pop of Colour

@nnennaechem wearing pink trainers with a blazer and skirt

(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

Style Notes: Even if the British summer weather refuses to cooperate, you can brighten up an overcast day with brightly coloured trainers. Pink or green, blue or yellow, pick the pair that brings you joy and style them with your favourite dark pieces.

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3. Sambas

@francescasaffari wearing Sambas with a white skirt and vest

(Image credit: @francescasaffari)

Style Notes: This look is so simple yet so effective—especially since it's made up of pieces that are so on trend this season. I love the contrast of the tailored silhouette of the vest with the voluminous skirt, and Sambas really aren't going anywhere, especially when they pair so well with skirts like this.

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4. Running Shoes

@amaka.hamelijnck wearing running shoes with a boho skirt

(Image credit: @amaka.hamelijnck)

Style Notes: Yes, you can make your running shoes a fashion item—just pick them wisely. I love how Amaka Hamelijnck has mixed the athletic, technical style with these bohemian-inspired pieces to create an edgy yet effortless outfit.

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5. New Balance 550s

@aimeesong wearing New Balance with a white tennis skirt

(Image credit: @aimeesong)

Style Notes: Anyone else inspired by Zendaya's Challengers outfits and looking to embrace the tenniscore trend? Take the tennis skirt off the court and into the weekend by pairing it with retro-inspired New Balance sneakers, whose chunky sole provides a useful lift to extend your legs.

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6. Gazelles

@kimturkington_ wearing Gazelle trainers with a mini skirt and blazer

(Image credit: @kimturkington_)

Style Notes: If you're not quite sold on Sambas, Adidas Originals' other popular style, the Gazelle, might be the fit for you. The differences are very subtle, but you'll find a fresh mix of colourways and a slight football shoe-inspired vibe. The streamlined silhouette and narrow fit make them an ideal shoe to pair with miniskirts for an elevated yet relaxed look.

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