The Next Controversial It Bag Is Here, and Dua Lipa Already Secured Hers

I don't usually like to make It-item predictions too early out of fear I'll be wrong, but I feel pretty confident that the item I'm declaring the next It bag is accurate. Why? Well, for starters, Dua Lipa just carried it in NYC, and she's an It-bag aficionado. Not only that but also the bag is inspired by a very popular It shoe right now. Any guesses? If you're thinking of Alaïa's Fishnet Ballerinas, you win the prize. Alaïa expertly took the nylon mesh fishnet and patent leather straps that the Mary Jane flats are constructed of and turned the materials into a shoulder bag, coined the One Piece Bag. The bag comes in two sizes and two colors, but Dua Lipa opted for the one I would choose: the smaller black bag, which she paired with a white tank top, midi skirt, and Puma sneakers, and on another occasion this week with jeans.

So what makes the bag controversial? Well, it's almost completely see-through. So if you're still recovering from the PVC bag trend of the 2010s and don't miss having the contents of your bag exposed to the world, perhaps this isn't the bag for you. But once you see how cool yet elegant it is, trust me—you'll be tempted. And at $1290, it costs significantly less than many of the other designer It bags on the market.

With that, keep scrolling to shop Alaïa's One Piece Bag along with the Fishnet Ballerinas it was inspired by.

Dua Lipa and Callum Turner walking in NYC

(Image credit: BrosNYC/Backgrid)

On Dua Lipa: Shushu/Tong skirt; Alaïa Demi Luna One Piece Bag ($1290); Puma sneakers

Dua Lipa wearing jeans, walking in NYC

(Image credit: Fernando Ramales/Backgrid)

On Dua Lipa: Celine jeans; Alaïa Demi Luna One Piece Bag ($1290)

Shop the Alaïa One Piece Bag

Shop Alaïa Fishnet Ballerinas

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