Anne Hathaway Proved She's the Definitive Fashion Person by Wearing These It Shoes

Anne Hathaway continues to cater to those of us who have been fans of her since The Devil Wears Prada, whether she means to or not. I think that she just loves fashion and has good taste, so she dresses accordingly. The latest example of this was her outfit for a night out late last week in NYC. For the occasion, Hathaway wore an oversize button-down shirt with matching baggy trousers. She looked effortlessly cool, per usual, and her shoes were the cherry on top.

I love an evening flat-shoe outfit, and Hathaway nailed it by opting for a pair of Alaïa's now-iconic fishnet ballerinas in black. The wild popularity of the ingenious shoes prompted seemingly every brand on the planet to design its own version of fishnet shoes, but it's hard to top Alaïa's pair. Despite their popularity, they've retained their cool, IYKYK allure. I also should mention that they're the most comfortable flats I've ever put on my feet. If I had to guess, I'd say that Hathaway agrees with me on all of this.

The flats are barely in stock, but I found them, so don't hesitate to order if they're calling your name. Just in case, I also found a slew of other excellent fishnet flats, most of which are much easier on the wallet.

Anne Hathaway walking at night in NYC.

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