The 6 Staples You Should Always Keep in Your Closet, According to My Mom

I turn to my mom for advice for a lot of things—career, boys, life—but the one thing that I seem to pick her brain about most often is fashion. We're constantly sending each other pictures of the new shoes we find, talking about what's in and out this season, and never missing a chance to go shopping when we visit each other.

As I prepare to move apartments in the next couple of weeks, I've begun quite the cleanout. Because I'm transitioning to a much smaller closet, I decided I'm going to only stick to the must-haves (with, of course, a sprinkle of trendy pieces). So naturally, I turned to the woman who always has an opinion on what to keep and what to toss: my mother. Keep scrolling for the staple pieces she recommends I acquire for the transition to my next closet and keep for many years to come.

A handbag to fit the essentials



According to my mom, a good handbag is a must. It has to be big enough to fit your essentials but also small enough that you won't mind carrying it all the time. When investing in a good one, she recommends a neutral tone (I'm telling you, this woman is seldom wearing a shade other than black); a shape that's not too trendy, so it won't go out of style quickly; and one that you know you'll love for years to come.

Black or blue denim



Both of us agree: A pair of blue or black jeans will never let you down. She's partial to skinny (I'm more of a straight-leg gal myself) and claims that there will never be a time in your life when you won't need a pair. Just make sure they're comfortable!

A nice coat

Since a coat is something she doesn't buy often, my mom recommends finding one that will stay sturdy for a few years—they're worth the investment.

A solid interview outfit



Ever since I started college, my mom made me keep a dressy outfit in my closet for interviews and important events—just in case. To this day, I have a black blazer that has been worn for countless interviews, jury duties, networking events—the whole nine yards.

Black leather booties



Black leather boots will forever be that item my mom and I, both, will never be without. (Oftentimes we find the same pair to obsess over.) They go with everything from jeans to dresses.

A top that goes with everything



My mom’s closet is full of super-cute tops that can go with jeans, trousers, skirts, and everything in between. I learned from her at a young age it's always good to have that one piece you know will just work.