Fall's Best Nail Trends Are Hot Off the Press, and Here Are My 8 Favorites

Maybe it’s just me, but this year, I’m feeling particularly excited for fall. I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures, fall fashion trends, and cozy sweaters. For me, though, the best part of any seasonal change is the new nail trends. Fall typically signals a shift to darker, more muted colors. (Think jewel tones and chocolatey browns!) 

This fall’s nail trends are some of the best I’ve seen in years. There are tons of rich, deep colors as well as plenty of playful designs. I tapped some of the best nail artists in the business to get their input on the trends we’ll soon be seeing everywhere—get your nail appointments booked early.

1. Glazed-Donut Nails


(Image credit: @imarninails)

There’s no doubt about it—everyone wants Hailey Bieber’s glazed-donut nails. In a salon, you’ll want to opt for sheer milky-white nail polish with chrome powder on top, but at home, you can achieve the trend with a sheer chrome polish like this one from Orly.

DIY it:

2. Gold Accents


(Image credit: @nailartbyqueenie)

"This trend is great for the fall because it adds a touch of glam to darker tones during fall and winter,” says Nailing Hollywood artist Queenie Nguyen. "Gold embellishments such as flakes or minimal gold nail jewels are great to enhance fall nail looks without being overpowering.”

DIY it:

3. Negative Space


(Image credit: @sonyameesh)

Negative-space manicures have been trending for a while, but the craze is truly coming to a crescendo this fall. Opt for simple designs layered on top of sheer colors. Nail artist Sonya Belakhlef recommends spicing things up with chrome orbs. They say this look is "low-maintenance and turns heads. [It] looks great on a sheer, neutral nail so the orbs are spotlighted.”

DIY it:

4. Mocha Tones


(Image credit: @nailartbyqueenie)

"Browns and neutrals are stunning in the fall,” says Nailing Hollywood artist Rachel Joseph. Put a fun spin on the warm shade by trying gradient nails or playing with a French manicure. 

DIY it:

5. Mauve Nails


(Image credit: @lauradidmynails)

"As a neutral, earthy tone, there is a shade of mauve that works for everyone,” says Nailing Hollywood artist Laura Malarkey. "It’s also a gorgeous alternative to all the brown nail looks we see this time of year.”

DIY it:

6. Matte Nails


(Image credit: @lauradidmynails)

"Matte nails are always a win for fall,” says Malarkey. "Over all kinds of art, French-tip designs, or solid colors, a matte topcoat really elevates any nail look and brings that sweater-weather vibe to the fingertips.”

DIY it:

7. Tortoiseshell Nails


(Image credit:  @nailartbyqueenie)

"Tortoiseshell has been an ongoing trend for fall every year, but mixing with a pop of color will modernize the look for this falI,” says Nguyen. "I also think it is an unexpected twist to this classic fall look [to add] just a minimal touch of bright colors or even neon colors.”

DIY it:

8. Fall Florals


(Image credit: @rachelsuenails)

Florals for fall? It’s actually groundbreaking. "[It’s] a fun way to transition from summer to fall without leaving the florals behind,” says Joseph. "Use earthy tones that resemble fall foliage to keep the trend going.”

DIY it:

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