I'm Telling Everyone I Know to Buy This $10 Nail Polish Brand—Here's the Reveal

I'm a nail polish girl through and through. Like, to give you some context, I probably owned more than 100 bottles before I hit the age of ten, and the eclectic span of brands—from Claire's to Jane to OPI—was just as impressive. And really, my obsession with nail polish has only increased as the years have gone on. Again, for context, I now have an entire closet dedicated to the stuff. 

There are tons of amazing brands killing it in the nail space right now, but Orly, a brand that's made in LA, vegan, and cruelty-free, will always have a super-special place in my heart and is responsible for some of my all-time favorite hues. (The fact that each bottle holds 20% more polish than competing brands and the payoff and finish of the lacquer itself looks like a professional manicure are just icing on the cake.) To pay homage to the brand I'm giving a S/O to Orly's top 20 best-sellers, just below. (The #1 of which just so happens to be one of summer's incoming, most-wanted shades.) Keep scrolling! 20 of the best Orly nail polishes are just ahead. 

#20: Orly Nail Polish in Kaleidoscope Eyes

Nothing screams imminent warm weather like an electrified lilac mani and pedi situation. 

#19: Orly Nail Polish in So Fly

Trust me when I tell you that nothing looks cooler (or more trend-forward) than neon green toes. 

#18: Orly Nail Polish in Skinny Dip

Okay, you can't tell as much from the photo, but this stunning bright blue has the most beautiful swish of shimmer. You'll want to wear it on repeat all season long. 

#17: Orly Nail Polish in Country Club Khaki

Not into brights? Fear not—you can't go wrong with this creamy nude color, anytime, anywhere.

#16: Nail Polish in Gumdrop

Hence the name: A pastel mint number that's yummy enough to eat.

#15: Orly Nail Polish in Hip and Outlandish

We love this best-selling shade of creamy turquoise when we can't make up our mind between a green and blue aesthetic.

#14: Orly Nail Polish in Roam With Me

FYI, this isn't a normal nude, this is a rose nude. Talk about a unique, elevated take on a classic.

#13: Orly Nail Polish in Cake Pop

Is it white? Is it cream? Or, is it a brilliant, best-selling combo of the two? Yep, this polish is 100% the latter.

#12: Orly Nail Polish in Wild Abandon

Is it just me, or is there just nothing more delicious than a juicy, drippy shade of plum nail polish? I don't care what time of year it is—I want it. 

#11: Orly Nail Polish in Bon Bon

Season after season, year after year, we pick top nail artists' brains on the best, fail-safe nail polish hues to have on standby. Without fail, a muted shade of smoky purple (like this one) is at the top of the list. 

#10: Orly Nail Polish in Midnight Oasis

Ugh, this dreamily moody concoction of dark grey and blue makes a statement on your toes or your fingertips. It's utterly divine. 

#9: Orly Nail Polish in Feel the Funk

We get it—there are pretty much two camps when it comes to sparkly nail polish: the peeps who are all for it and the peeps who say "never in a million years." For the former, you absolutely need this pink holographic glitter from Orly in your life. Like, you needed it yesterday. It's one of our favorite glittery numbers of all time.

#8: Orly Nail Polish in Turn It Up

Craving even more? Turn It Up is basically the nail polish equivalent to Funfetti cake. (In the best way possible.)

#7: Orly Nail Polish in Red Rock

If you buy one red from Orly's color line, make it this vampy burgundy hue. It's supremely flattering, and it's a classic staple literally every single person who loves nail polish needs in their arsenal. (Thank us later.)

#6: Orly Nail Polish in Va Va Voom

The perfect hot pink is a must in any nail lovers' toolkit, and this one, called Va Va Voom, is the crème de la crème. 

#5: Orly Nail Polish in Confetti

Just like its brighter, hotter counterpart, an elegant baby pink nail polish is another quintessential shade to add to your Orly nail polish wardrobe, stat. Confetti, which is creamy and sheer, is one of our faves. 

#4: Orly Nail Polish in Sagebrush

Forget black and white—a sage-gray paint job (courtesy of a polish like Orly's Sagebrush) is the coolest way to do neutrals right now.

#3: Orly Nail Polish Canyon Clay

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Brown is, without a doubt, the coolest and most unexpectedly flattering color to wear on your nails. Canyon Clay is a rich, russet brown, and a huge bestseller within the Orly clan.

#2: Orly Nail Polish Bubbly Bombshell

Bubbly Bombshell isn't for the faint of heart, but we guarantee no other polish you own will rake in as many compliments. 

#1: Orly Nail Polish in Trendy

It's the moment you've been waiting for, the number one best-selling Orly shade! The name doesn't lie—this shimmery peach hue called Trendy is so dang pretty and is the ultimate antidote the next time you can't decide what color to decorate your nails with.