This "Ugly" Nail Color Is Suddenly the Only One That Matters for Fall

I never thought I'd see the day that brown would make the ultimate comeback. You see, I fall about midway on the millennial age spectrum, meaning I grew up in the heyday of teen sensations Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and Destiny's Child, who all regularly sported brown everything, from then-fashionable culottes and page-boy caps to beauty staples like nail polish and lipstick. But once the 2010s hit, it's like brown got publicly shunned and relegated as the ugly stepsister to all the other colors. (Even pea-soup green has been prioritized above it.)

But as the years have passed and trends have shifted, brown seems to be making a resurgence. On the fashion side, the once "ugly" color has taken over the runways, and now, in the beauty realm, brown nail colors are all over the place.



Recent polish launches from my favorite brands including Olive and JuneOrly, and Essie have driven this point home by featuring rich brown hues in their fall collections. There's really nothing left to say except that brown is back, baby! In celebration, I've scoped out the best brown nail colors—from true chocolate to rust-tinged to light neutrals—to practice your throwback manicure with. Check out the 13 selects ahead.



A classic, chocolaty brown to indulge in.

And this long-lasting formula from CND is the perfect dark brown.

This thoughtfully crafted color was inspired by natural elements like rich coffee and black walnut.



The slightest tinge of maroon makes this shiny lacquer the cherry Coke of nail polishes.

And this one can look brown, purple, or taupe depending on how the light catches it.

Just in time for pumpkin-spice season, this warm cinnamon hue screams fall.

Looking for a beautiful metallic brown? Found it!

This warm shade is on the lighter side, but it totally delivers on the brown promise.

A step beyond a basic beige, this rich brown color is so versatile.


This rich neutral is so dreamy and lasts for up to seven days without chipping.



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This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Ready for more nail inspiration? Check out the 10 festive (yet not cheesy) fall nail colors we're wearing on repeat this month.