Megan Fox's Manicurist Just Shared the Top Nail Polish Shades for Fall


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Looking for an easy way to upgrade your fall style? Take inspiration from some of the nail shades we're predicting will be everywhere this summer. When fall rolls around, we're all about the nails, from their shape to the polish. We're getting a jump on the latter before fall rolls around. 

To have a better idea of what to expect, we reached out to manicurist Brittney Boyce, who's behind the iconic nail looks of everyone from Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian to Kerry Washington and Olivia Rodrigo. Ready to see which trending shades we'll be wearing this season? Keep scrolling and get ready to save your favorites to request on your next trip to the salon.

Silver Chrome


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Is it any surprise that chrome isn't going anywhere this fall? According to Boyce, the chrome revival that we saw creeping up on us following the sudden popularity of the glazed-donut nails that dominated our social media feed for months on end has brought us full circle. This fall, we're expecting a space-age take on the trend, with chrome shades dappling in the precious metals.

(Dirty) Martini Green


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This summer, we've seen a boom in minimal shades and designs. Heading into fall, Boyce predicts olive green will be at its peak. We've coined the term dirty martini nails for shades with some depth to them. "Green will remain popular this year," she says. "Tones will adjust a bit darker going into fall and winter." We can't wait to get our hands on all things green and moody, can you?

Spiced Cognac


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Fall offers the perfect opportunity to lean into the cozy vibes hard. Shades of cognac, the perfect blend of brown and orange, is our idea of a spicy fall-inspired nail trend that we're excited to see make a reappearance. There's something about this color that reminds us of that one oversize, comfy leather jacket that we can't wait to pull out of the closet once the cold weather hits.

Rosy Blush


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Boyce also predicts that rosy blush colors will make an appearance this season. "Warmer neutrals are great for fall and look great as a gloss or matte," she tells us. Polishes that fall into this shade family complement all skin tones well, existing as a universal nude that can be worn year-round but looks particularly stylish in the fall. In other words, you can never go wrong with a deep, rosy hue. 

Desert Orange


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Speaking of spices… This wouldn't be a fall nail polish guide without at least one mention of an elegant orange shade. Desert orange is a dramatic departure from what you might expect from other autumnal hues, venturing away from the classic pumpkin-inspired shades we see every year. This one is a bit murkier with a sneaky brown undertone lurking beneath it.

Tartan Green


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Preppy nails are on the comeback as well, and they're definitely schooling us on how to pull off academic-inspired styles. Whether you decide to go for a plaid/checked nail design or opt for a simple pop of color, the tartan green gets an A+ from us. Plus, it'll be trending well into the winter months.

Creamy Cashmere


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Have you ever seen a nail polish shade and felt the urge to pull on your go-to cashmere set? If not, there's a good chance that this one will make it happen. It's the ideal neutral shade to carry us through the season while matching literally everything. I can't promise I'll retire it once fall comes to an end.

Electric Blue


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Did you think you saw the last of electric blue? The shade is coming back this fall with a vengeance, and we're absolutely living for it. If you decide to wear it in the next few months, prepare yourself for nonstop compliments coming your way. Believe us—this one is too good not to try.

Clay Brown


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Neutral lovers, here's another one for you! Clay brown is one of those colors that you expect to see everywhere every season but somehow doesn't make any big waves (that is, until now). That's right—we're starting to see this shade popping up more frequently on and off of our social media feeds. 

Glossy Black


(Image credit: @danaozime)

This fall, we're going to the dark side—at least our manicures are. Glossy black is one of the easiest ways to add timeless elegance or edge to your look. Check out how Dana Emmanuelle-Jean Nozime styles the shade in this shot from her Instagram.

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