The "Naked" Mani Everyone's Getting to Make Their Nails Look Longer

When it comes to nails, both fashion and beauty girls seem to be united on one thing: A great manicure will always be the cherry on top. But if you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day is spend half an hour painstakingly applying a base coat, two coats of color, and a topcoat only to immediately ruin all your hard work when you unbutton your jeans to switch into your comfies.

That's where this nail trend comes in. Negative-space manicures are the newest approach to nude nails. The style is low-maintenance, stylish, and fun, and I'm already rushing to the nearest nail salon to try it myself. There's something we've noticed about every iteration. It magically makes your nails look longer, so this is particularly great for anyone who doesn't want to or can't grow them out.

Two-toned tips for a subtle pop of color.

Traditionally, thanks to their lack of drying time, gel manicures have been a good option for the impatient, but they require a level of upkeep all their own. Once the growing-out period starts, you’ll be forced to book a repeat appointment to have them removed or redone, or risk scraping them off yourself and damaging your nails in the process (guilty as charged).

Sparkle adds a special-occasion take on the negative-space nail trend.

Experiment with color at the base and tip of your nails for an editorial edge.

However, the recent swerve toward negative-space nails means that you can afford to take a more relaxed approach to your nailcare. The most stylish girls on Instagram have been sporting this new nude nail, meaning you'll earn major cool-girl points. But most importantly, by leaving huge portions of your nails completely bare, you can almost eliminate any growing-out period associated with classic manicures.

Bare tips mean no chipping for a longer-lasting mani.

Negative-space nails: peach scallop–topped nails



This scallop-edge manicure is a nod to the coral trend.

There's no doubting that nude nails are a classic manicure option that will always look chic, but it seems that embracing your natural nails with a negative-space manicure is the new way to nude. 

Negative-space nails: Bare nails with star nail art



A bare base helps nail art look more grown up.

If you're going to go bare, then here are a few recommendations that will keep your nails looking as polished as possible. 

This regenerating base coat will help your bare nails shine by keeping them strong and healthy. 

Apply this daily to keep your nail beds in top shape.

The best topcoat in the business. Apply a layer every couple of days to stop your nails from chipping and peeling 

Not ready to go completely bare? This lightweight nude adds a barely there wash of color to nails if you're after some extra polish.

Next up, the nail trends that will be in and out for spring.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK at a previous date and has since been updated.

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