The Boots, Jeans, and Sweaters Our Fashion Editors Are Obsessed With for Fall

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It’s officially that time of year when all my friends, mom, and sisters ask me about are boots, jeans, and sweaters. Where should I shop? What are the best pairs? The most flattering? The most affordable? Everyone wants to know and while I admit I am a trove of answers—after all, it is my job—10 heads are better than one, so I decided to tap my colleagues to see which of the aforementioned essentials they’re loving most this season.

As always, they delivered with options ranging from old faithful like Levi's and Uniqlo to It-brands including Wandler and Gia Borghini and even a few picks I myself didn’t see coming. Ahead, see and shop all the boots, jeans, and sweaters I and they are recommending everyone invest in for the coming months. When you're done, I highly suggest checking out these other up-and-coming basics no fall wardrobe is complete without

After lusting over them for months, I finally splurged on these Khaite boots and am so glad I did. The heel height is perfect for both day and night, and they add so much more to an outfit than all my other basic black boots. I've been wearing them nonstop.

All I'm interested in right now are slightly loose-fitting, straight-leg jeans and these hit the nail on the head.

While I've historically been a strictly cropped or tucked-in sweater girl, lately I'm very into oversize silhouettes and have been loving this dark oatmeal knit from Almina Concept.

"I always buy black boots, so this fall, I am investing in a pair that is fun, but still timeless. These dark tiger-print Staud boots will do just the trick."

"I am always on the hunt for impeccable black jeans, and this pair is looking promising."

"I will be buying this sweater in both colors and plan to live in it this fall and winter."

"I like that these are chunky without being too chunky and that the shaft is slim enough to fit underneath pretty much any pants or jeans."

"These perfect jeans are currently in my cart, as I'm slowly easing my way into the slouchy low-rise look."

"Leave it to Staud to make the world's most perfect camel sweater. No wonder it's sold out almost everywhere."

"Koio's Chelsea boots continue to be my go-to pair this season. The bonus is that they're water-resistant."

"I've been living in these relaxed jeans from Madewell. They're insanely comfortable."

"I'm obsessed with sweaters by Alex Mill. This striped version is one of my staples. I bought a larger size for an especially oversize look."

"It's impossible to under hype these. They're classic, comfortable, and go with everything."

"I have a few of Levi's ribcage jeans and they're easily my favorites, so when I saw this new bootcut shape for fall I immediately knew I needed to try it. Spoiler: they're really good."

"Sophisticated and a little sexy is how this top makes me feel. And I think that, in a nutshell, is my fall outfit vibe."

"Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's new collection with Gia Borghini is stunning and I can't stop thinking about these platform boots."

"The only jeans I want in my closet right now are slouchy wide-leg cuts."

"The lines of this sweater make it feel a bit more dressed up than some of the looser styles sitting in my closet."

"I live for a good knee-high boot, and these bad boys have been haunting my dreams."

"I'm not the hugest denim girl, but these patchwork jeans have me seriously considering converting to the cause."

"I own the bustier version of this top and am now eyeing getting the full-sleeve version to carry me through the rest of fall."

"I'm 5'10" so I'm always on the lookout for cute flat boots. These sleek black versions by Jack Erwin are incredibly classic and will truly never go out of style."

"I love wide-leg, full-length jeans for fall and winter. I own several pairs of Mother jeans so I know I can always rely on the brand to be stylish and comfortable."

"This is such a beautifully classic sweater, but the bell sleeves give it a bit of pizazz. It's so soft and feels much more luxurious than the price tag might imply. I'd style it with some chunky gold earrings."

"I'm a self-proclaimed knee-high boot snob, mostly because I wear them almost every day, even when I'm just at home working. So when I tell you that these caught my eye immediately, you can be sure that they're really, really good. Plus, at $229, they're about a quarter of the price of most knee-highs on the market right now."

"Black jeans are often overlooked despite the fact that they're much more versatile than standard blue jeans or white jeans. This pair is especially great because they're high-rise but not too high-rise; aren't washed out, making them easier to dress up; and are long enough to fall perfectly over the top of boots, heeled sandals, or pumps."

"I buy a new color of these under-$90 Uniqlo cashmere crewnecks—I also like the V-necks layered over T-shirts—every fall. They're extremely soft and affordable compared to most cashmere sweaters, and can be worn with truly anything."

"I finally pulled the plug and purchased a pair of Manu Atelier's Duck Boots. Fellow editor Anna has had them since 2019 and claims they're worth the hype. Plus, I feel like they're a boot I'm going to cherish for a long time because they're that beautiful."

"I'm sorry, but Zara jeans are just too good not to hype up. They come at an under-$100 price point and are comfortable. They're less rigid than other denim brands, which is what I like about them, I've been a fan of their mom-fit style for years."

"I bought this cardigan last fall and still am very much obsessed with it. I think I may have to repurchase in more colors. I always gravitate towards oversize sweaters, but I've actually ended up wearing this cropped fit a lot. It pairs well over dresses, high-waisted trousers, and skirt outfits. Sometimes I even like to throw it over my shoulders as a little accessory!"