6 Items That Aren't Really "Basics" But Should Be

Whether it be for fall, another season, or year-round, we all know the typical checklist for fashion basics. It includes (but isn’t limited to) tees, jeans, button-downs, sneakers, and more. However, there are certain pieces not on those lists that—within my own wardrobe, among our editorial team, and throughout the fashion industry at large—are, at this point, so common and essential they’re due for an upgrade. Sure, they seemed just like regular trends at first, but when something sticks around long enough or makes a big impression within a short amount of time, it deserves to be recategorized accordingly.

As you probably guessed, today, I’m here to show, tell, and sell you on six such pieces. From shackets to sweater sets, these are the cool, new “basics” every fashion person is wearing on repeat. Trust me—you won’t regret investing in these. To see everything that made the cut, learn how they’re being styled, and, of course, shop them along the way, simply keep scrolling.

1. Shackets

Stylish Wardrob Staples



I own more of these than I'm willing to admit, so let's just say they better be considered basics soon.

Corduroy and this exact shade of green are two of my favorite things, so you know who's buying this.

The quilting and ruffled collar take this to the next level.

2. Knit Vests

Stylish Wardrob Staples



You may have noticed that these are back, but in case you were unsure, they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. Wear it alone or over a long-sleeve shirt, depending on the climate.

This will also look so cool layered under a blazer.

3. Preppy Miniskirts

This piece is all over my feed and slowly taking over my closet. Moreover, it's actually quite classic, so you won't regret investing in one.

It's just waiting for a blazer and boots.

4. Sweater Sets

Stylish Wardrob Staples



Whether you opt for a neutral or standout shade, you need one of these sets in your wardrobe.

This one is definitely the most me.

I love the shade of gray that this cardigan and matching tank come in.

5. Oversize Blazers

Stylish Wardrob Staples



If it doesn't look at least two sizes too big, I'm not interested.

The short lapel makes this black blazer feel unique.

Another one for my personal shopping cart.

The Frankie Shop has mastered the oversize silhouette.

6. Going-Out Knits

Don't call it a sweater—it's so much more than that!

If you haven't noticed this all over your feed yet, you will now.

It just looks (and probably feels) so luxe.

Dion Lee knows how to turn a basic into a statement piece.