We Tried the New Jeans Fashion People Are Losing It Over

One of the perks of being a fashion editor is that we sometimes get to try brand-new items before they're even available to purchase. When we recently got the opportunity to try a new denim (and leather pants!) launch from a perennially buzzy brand, we jumped at the chance. Amsterdam-based Wandler is already very well-known for its covetable handbags and shoes, so when we found out that it was getting into the trouser game, we were understandably thrilled and eager to get our hands on the goods. (Fun fact: Founder Elza Wandler used to be a designer for Levi's premium Made & Crafted line.)

The jeans and leather pants come in a variety of on-trend styles that are also timeless. Each is constructed of 100% cotton and features special signature details such as a leather belt loop at the back and a minimalistic silver-and-gold button. Four of us Who What Wear editors tried different styles of the Italian-made jeans for ourselves, and we're sharing our thoughts (and photos) below. It's no surprise to us, but the consensus is that Wandler jeans are highly recommended. Find out why below.

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

Kat's review: "When I heard Wandler was launching jeans, I immediately got excited, and that was before I even knew about Elza's background at Levi's. It was honestly hard to choose which style because they all perfectly fill a certain denim need, but I'm so happy with my Poppy pick. I was drawn to the rich medium color. After years of jeans that are made to look vintage and perfectly faded, a pair that has the brand-spanking-new vibe feels fresh. The longer hemline means they work with heels and still look cool with sandals with a little pooling around the ankles. I also love the little camel leather belt loop in the back for a special touch."

Wandler Poppy jeans


Kat Collings jeans



Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor

Nicole's review: "For my try-on, I'm wearing the black Daisy Jeans in size 25 and have to say I was very pleased. Not that I expected less from Wandler, but the jeans have a lot going for them. They're a perfect, semi-faded shade of black, a cool cut, and have this little leather belt-loop detail in the back that was impossible to photograph but just made them that much better. My only issue would be that at 5'2," I'd have to either exclusively wear them with higher heels or hem them to pair with lower ones. As you can see in the second set of photos, I folded them to imagine how they'd look if shortened, and it seems I can't go wrong."

Allyson Payer, Senior Editor

My review: Like Nicole, I opted to try the Daisy Jeans. I'd been dabbling with the idea of getting a pair of flared jeans recently, so this was the perfect opportunity. It's also been years since I've worn raw denim, but it's having a resurgence so I thought, why not try a pair of flared raw-denim jeans and just fully embrace the '70s revival? The jeans are beautiful IRL—structured without feeling too stiff and with a just-right amount of flare. I sized up by one size, but I honestly could've easily done two given that raw denim doesn't have much give. I'm 5'4," so the jeans are a bit long, but I don't think that it's so much so that I need to hem them. In fact, I kind of like the bunching at the ankles. I also loved that all of the Wandler jeans feature a zip fly. So many premium denim brands use button flys, and I just find a zip fly to be so much easier and cleaner.

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, Audience Engagement Editor 

Jasmine's review: "Confession: I'm not a fan of most denim. The rationale behind this disdain is that I'm 5"4 and am curvy, so most jeans end up being too long, too baggy, or too tight. That being said, I wasn't about to pass up the chance to try on Wandler's denim. Usually, I wear anywhere from 27 to 30, depending on the brand and fit. Since I was nervous about the fit, I ordered Wandler's black Poppy jeans in size 30. It was a miscalculation on my part, as I found they were a bit baggier and longer than I would have preferred and required me to style them with heels and consider adding a belt. 

"Even though I should have gotten them in a smaller size, I'm a huge fan of their shape because, based on styling, they can become your most versatile pair of jeans. When styled with boots, they look as if they're wide-leg jeans, but with flats, the bunching gives this a Lower East Side baggy-pants look. Basically, they're a two-for-one deal. I love the black wash on this pair because it's dark enough to fool anyone into thinking they're trousers, even though they're not. In terms of the denim itself, it's super soft but not that stretchy, so I'd definitely think about how you'd want them to fit and purchase accordingly. Sizing mishaps aside, I'd say these jeans are still stunning and worth investing in, as I can see them holding a space in my wardrobe for seasons to come."

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