The Engagement Ring Styles That Are In and Out This Year

With engagement season on the horizon (yes, already), we enlisted the help of Beth Gerstein, co-founder and co-CEO of engagement ring mecca Brilliant Earth (its options are stunning), to tell us which ring styles are in and out this year.

While most women seek a ring that's timeless, one they'll still love 30 years from now, it's important to stay ahead of the trends if you're in the market for a ring. Gerstein, being an expert in this arena, clued us in on what people are buying (and not buying) these days. And her brilliant advice (no pun intended) just might lead to your dream ring. 

Whether you're ready to tie the knot or simply enjoy browsing beautiful rings (we're right there with you), consider this your guide to the styles to select and skip this season.

From delicate silhouettes to statement halos, scroll down to learn Gerstein's expert engagement ring insight!