Emily Ratajkowski Wore Leggings With an Anti-Sneaker Trend You'd Never Expect

Emily Ratajkowski never ceases to amaze me with how often she reinvents the outfit wheel. She's a pro at taking basics and making them surprisingly exciting by pairing them with trendy items you'd never expect. In fact, she does this practically every time she steps out of the house. This week, leggings were the basic that got the EmRata treatment.

January is the time of year when being comfortable and cozy are key, so I was pleased to see that Ratajkowski is also prioritizing comfort (in the form of leggings) at the moment. This week, she stepped out in New York wearing a long, colorful coat, black T-shirt, and black leggings rolled down at the waist to make them low-rise (a very EmRata thing to do).

Aside from the rolled-waistband leggings, what really stood out to me about her look is that she opted to wear trendy moto-inspired knee-high boots instead of something more typical, like sneakers. But if you think about it, leggings are kind of the perfect thing to wear with knee-high boots. In this era of baggy pants and jeans, I struggle to find things to wear with knee boots, so why not leggings?

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Emily Ratajkowski wearing leggings and boots


Backgrid/Ulices Ramales 

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