17 Simple Looks That Prove This Timeless Hairstyle Will Always be Chic

When most of us read the word 'updo', the images that immediately spring to mind are of complex and intricate hairstyles—the kind that require a Kardashian-esque glam squad and 563859 bobby pins to create. But thankfully, in 2023, 'updo' has a whole new meaning... 

Take a scroll through Instagram and you'll notice that models, celebrities, and influencers alike are all sporting low effort styles that are easily achievable without a 20-step tutorial or an army of styling products. From slicked back buns to low ponytails, claw clip styles, and simple plaits, the latest trending updo styles are as low maintenance as they come.


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We know that modern beauty trends are all about ease and comfort—these days you're far more likely to see people touting the benefits of a minimal skincare regime or natural makeup look than you are to see heavy glam or a 12-step skincare routine. And the same can be said for 2023's biggest hair trends, too. These days, we don't just want hairstyles that look good, we want hairstyles that are also low maintenance, quick, and easy to recreate.

Sound appealing? Of course it does. And the best part is that we've done the hard work for you. Below, we've rounded up 17 quick and easy updo hairstyles to provide you with a bank of inspiration, no matter what your hair length or type. Scroll and screenshot—you're welcome.

Easy updo hairstyles:

1. Brushed-back ponytail


(Image credit: @FIAHAMELIJNCK)

Got curly or coily hair? Play up on contrast by tightly brushing your hair into a ponytail that holds all the volume in the lengths.

2. Bubble ponytail


(Image credit: @NITSANRAITER)

One of our favourite ways to mix things up when we're bored of basic ponytails.

3. Loose twist


(Image credit: @JEANNINE.ROXAS)

To avoid strain on your roots, try a loose updo—twist and pin the lengths of your hair then tease your fringe free.

4. Low bun


(Image credit: @MISHTI.RAHMAN)

A low bun never fails to look chic and sophisticated.

5. Claw clip


(Image credit: @ANDI_MUN)

It's no surprise that the humble claw clip is 2023's go-to hair accessory. This casual style requires zero effort.

6. Oversized scrunchie


(Image credit: @NICOLE_HUISMAN)

Use an oversized scrunchie to accessorise your bun and hide flyaway strands.

7. Face-framing strands


(Image credit: @MISSTPW)

If you find that brushed or slicked back hairstyles don't suit your face shape, ask your hairdresser to cut in shorter layers that frame your face.

8. Double buns


(Image credit: @NIKKILEE901)

This fresh and fun take on pigtails looks so cute with a heavy fringe.

9. Mini bun


(Image credit: @DINAHANSEN)

Even if your hair is short or thin, a bun can still be achievable.

10. Claw clip bun


(Image credit: @JORDANRISA)

If your hair is long or thick and hair elastics alone don't do the job of keeping a bun in place, use a claw clip to secure your style.

11. Slicked-back bun


(Image credit: @JOANNACOOPS)

A slicked back bun not only looks elegant but is also a great way to disguise hair in need of washing. This is our go-to day three hairstyle.

12. Casual twist


(Image credit: @HAILEYBIEBER)

Hailey Bieber's chic, tousled updo is a lesson in not overthinking it. Use bobby pins to secure your hair in place but keep a few strands loose to add movement.

13. Plaited ponytail


(Image credit: @ALLLISONHO)

Plaited ponytails are all over our Instagram feeds right now—they're a great way to keep hair out of your face and off your neck in hot summer weather.

14. Double claw clips


(Image credit: @PEONYLIM)

As anyone with long and thick hair knows, sometimes one hair clip just isn't enough. Do as Peony Lim does and use two small claw clips to style an updo instead.

15. Low ponytail


(Image credit: @LINDESYHOLLAND_)

Short on time? This is the kind of hairstyle you can achieve in less than 30 seconds.

16. Spiky bun


(Image credit: @MOBINAPEIMAN)

Don't worry about keeping things neat and tidy—leaving strands out of your bun in a fun, spiky effect is a great way to add shape and movement to your updo.

17. Centre-part bun


(Image credit: @CHRISSYFORD)

When you want your makeup or outfit to do the talking, a combed-back centre-parted bun never fails.

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