The "Basic" Hairstyle Celebs and Fashion Girls Always Wear

As someone who quite honestly just can't be bothered to spend hours styling their hair on a daily basis, I am always on the lookout for hairstyles that look good but with minimum effort. And while a ponytail might be one of the first styles that spring to mind if you're looking for something quick and easy, it isn't the most favoured look amongst celebrities and fashion girls. No, their "basic" hairstyle of choice is actually the bun. Why? Well, it takes basically no skill (just twist up your hair at the nape of your neck or on top of your head and secure with a hairband) yet it has the ability to add major cool-girl points to your look in moments. Trust me.

Keep scrolling to see 25 of the best bun hairstyles as demoed by some of my favourite celebrities and fashion friends. Oh, and check out this step-by-step guide on how to get the ultimate bun if you're a total newbie to the style.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
(Image credit: @ROSIEHW)

When her hair isn't down, Rosie HW's strands can often be spotted in a scraped-back bun like this one. Huntington-Whiteley describes it as "a polished easy updo that I end up wearing most days" on her beauty website, Rose Inc.


Sofia Richie Grainge
(Image credit: @sofiarichiegrainge)

Sofia Richie Grainge wore her iconic slicked-back bun for her wedding day, but we're also into this claw-clip bun for off-duty days.


Charithra Chandran
(Image credit: @kennethsohmakeup)

I love how Charithra Chandran's bun has a '90-inspired spiky twist.


Monikh Dale
(Image credit: @MONIKH)

The fashion-girl way to wear a bun? Slicked back like Monikh.


Symphani Soto
(Image credit: @symphanisoto)

I love this messy bun piled high onto the crown with face-framing tendrils. So. Pretty.


Meghan Markle
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Backcomb your hair at the crown to give your bun a little more oomph like Meghan's.


(Image credit: @zendaya)

I adore Zendaya's top knot bun worn high on the head and completed with some effortless tendrils.


Jennifer Lopez
(Image credit: @JLO)

Jennifer Lopez's proves that a classic swept-back bun with a centre-parting works well for any occasion.


Nnenna Echem
(Image credit: @NNENNAECHEM)

Usually the hair accessory queen, Nnenna Echem keeps things simple for this elegant low-bun hairstyle. 


Kelly Rowland
(Image credit: @KELLYROWLAND)

Another double-bun delight from Kelly Rowland that shows off the texture of her natural curls.


Ashley Graham
(Image credit: @ASHLEYGRAHAM)

Turns out, you can wear a basic bun to the Oscars—just keep it sleek with some statement hair accessories like Ashley Graham.


Jodie Comer
(Image credit: @JODIEMCOMER)

Jodie Comer has some of the best beauty looks, and this bun proves it. Not too perfect and not too messy, I love how there are a few flyaways left at the roots to add movement.


Laura Harrier
(Image credit: @LAURAHARRIER)

Laura Harrier's "faux" bun is created by wrapping one braid atop her head for an unexpected twist on this classic style.


Sophia Roe
(Image credit: @SOPHIA_ROE)

A bun looks so good paired with a fringe, as Sophia Roe proves here.


Yara Shahidi
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

What's better than one bun? Two, of course! Yara's cute double-bun hairstyle is so '90s—and so damn cute.


Stephanie Broek
(Image credit: @STEPHANIEBROEK)

To re-create Stephanie's chic Scandi bun, braid your hair first and then twist it up at the nape of your neck.


Margot Robbie
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

I love the way that Margot's award-season bun still feels relaxed and carefree. Keep the ends of the bun untucked and allow strands to fall loose around the nape of your neck for a similarly carefree finish.


ASOS Lotte
(Image credit: @ASOS_LOTTE)

Try transforming the top half of this classic 30-second hairstyle into a bun, just like ASOS Lotte.


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Taking the bun to the next level, Beyoncé's updo is seriously glamorous and packing a punch in the volume department.


Katherine Langford
(Image credit: @CWOODHAIR)

While I normally reserve a topknot for when I'm washing my hair, Katherine Langford's piled-high strands prove that a high bun can work just as well for a night out. Pull some tendrils loose around your face to stop it from looking too formal.


Alyssa Coscarelli
(Image credit: @ALYSSAINTHECITY)

There's something decidedly retro about the way that Alyssa has paired her elegant Audrey Hepburn–esque bun with a cool wavy fringe. Love.


Priyanka Chopra
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

French-girl fringe + gravity-defying topknot = an anything-but-basic bun. Priyanka, I'll definitely be copying this.


Ada Oguntodu
(Image credit: @ADA_OGUNTODU)

Live by Ada's motto: The more buns, the merrier.


Bella Hadid
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Bella Hadid's simple micro-bun screams off-duty model and proves that the style isn't just for long-haired girls.


Victoria Beckham
(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

VB has three trademark hairstyles—tousled waves, ponytail and a basic bun. And when she can make a topknot look this chic, who can blame her?

Next up, from VB to Maya Jama, basically every celeb swears by this cult hair tool.

Mica Ricketts