9 Hair Trends You'll See Everywhere This Summer

Of all of the seasons, summer is probably one of the best times of the year to experiment with your hairstyles. Sure, we have to tackle the flyaway-inducing humidity, and our hair can be prone to damage from the sun's UV rays and the sea or chlorine (we've got plenty of post-swim hairstyles for those scenarios) as we jet away on our vacations, but the carefree vibe of summer is the optimum time to try a new haircut or hairstyle if you've been feeling a change for a while. On the flip side, it's also the time to embrace your hair's natural texture—who really wants to dig out their straightener or hair dryer when the temperatures soar outside? Not us. We're all about those easy hairstyles that can survive a warm commute, look chic for work, and carry us into summer soirées and fun-filled weekends in the sunshine.


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So what summer 2023 hair trends can we expect to see over the next couple of months? To find out, I tapped some experts—hairstylist Sam McKnight, Paul Percival, founder of Percy & Reed, and session hairstylist Syd Hayes—to share their thoughts on the hairstyles, hair colors, and haircuts we can expect to see trending this summer.

1. Natural Textures


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Far from a trend and more a movement, we can expect to see everyone further embrace their own natural hair texture as we head into summer. "Twenty-twenty-three is definitely about working with, rather than against your hair's texture," says Percival. "Instead of fighting your natural hair type, go with it. So, if you have the shag hair cut or layered hair, those haircuts have an interesting shape that works really well with your natural hair, whether it be curly, fine, etc." To help get the best out of your natural texture, he recommends applying a golf ball size of Percy & Reed’s Volumizing Mousse to wet hair before drying with the Babyliss Hydro-Fusion 2100 Hair Dryer. "It's all about using products and haircuts that embrace who you are rather than trying to create a different type of hair texture that is hard work for yourself." And if you don't want to use a hair dryer, air-drying your hair means fewer hot tools and more time for fun in the sun. Simply smooth through a styling product that's suited to your hair texture for effortless hair.


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How pretty is this tousled natural wave?


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If your hair is curly, look to styling products that help enhance your curls to their full potential.

2. The Bob


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It's official: The bob is the hair trend of 2023. And the pros agree. "We have all seen the rise of the box bob and the French bob that Hailey Bieber has recently debuted," says Hayes. And thankfully, there are so many types of bobs to choose from, so there is one to suit everyone. "The style of your bob can vary depending on whether you’re looking for bluntness or whether you want it cut with a razor so that the ends have a slashed effect," he says. "To keep it fresh and cool, style using the new BaByliss Super Styler Straightener (set to launch in May) and always keep a can of Hair By Sam McKnight’s Cool Girl Spray to add texture throughout the day."


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A chin-grazing bob is ideal for the summer months, while still being long enough to secure back into a bun.


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A blunt bob always looks on point.

3. Loose Waves


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Loose waves are a timeless summer hairstyle trend that taps into the carefree feeling of summer. It's less about a perfectly structured curl and more about looking like your hair is naturally beachy. "If you're looking for that really sort of effortless beachy look, the thing I find that always works amazingly well is water," says Percival, who says the key to ensuring your hair doesn't look too 'done' is to mist your hair with a spritz of water after you've finished styling. "Take the Babyliss Soft Waves Wand, and just working in sections, mist in Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray onto the section before you turn it. And then whilst the hair is still warm, just pull the hair so it becomes straighter while it cools down, so that way you get a much looser wave. Once you've worked your way all the way through the hair, just mist a tiny bit of water all over your hair and then shake it out. You don't want to make the hair wet but just mist it. It makes the overall finish of the hair feel much more natural, and it will appear way more like your hair naturally dried that way."


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Loose waves look great on shorter hair too.


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Rosie's soft, face-framing loose waves are so effortless looking.

4. Luxe Blonde


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Blonde is big news for summer 2023, and we can expect to see a mix of those creamy, '90s-inspired blondes amongst honey tones, which are also making a comeback. "Bold and brighter blondes inspired by the '90s are going to be very popular in salons this year," says Percival. "There has been a real movement towards expensive darker colors in the autumn/winter, which is normal, but this season it has been much more about very expensive-looking hair when it comes to color. This trend will remain and I think people will embrace lighter tones and brighter hair, but there may also be a movement towards having a darker panel underneath." To make blonde hair look its best, boosting shine and keeping it in great condition is paramount to it retaining its expensive-looking finish.


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I love the subtle honey tones weaved in through the darker brunette base.


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Alongside honey blonde, creamier, brighter blondes that were huge in the '90s are set to make a comeback in 2023.

5. Soft Copper


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While last year saw bright coppers and vibrant reds in the salons, for 2023 we'll see the copper and auburn trends being dialed down for a softer look. "With summer on the horizon, this fusion of brown to blonde using baby lights just takes the edge off one block color," says Hayes. "Bella Hadid's soft coppery blonde moment is über-cool. Red and copper tones are prone to fading quickly in the sun, so invest in good hair products to keep your fresh new hair color looking its best all summer long."


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How pretty is this subtle brunette-auburn hair color?


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Darker brunette is given a summer update with richer red tones.

6. '90s Blowouts


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Hang on to your hair rollers and hair multistylers, because our penchant for nineties-supermodel hair isn't going anywhere in 2023. "The original '90s big blow dry or the catchy-sounding fluffy blowout are big news for 2023," says Percival. "To create this look, first apply Percy & Reed’s Wonder Balm and Volumizing Mousse to damp hair. Then use the Babyliss Pro Big Hair to style. It is the perfect dryer to create this salon-quality, blow-dried bounce at home."

Getting the style to last all day is a common problem, but Percival has some tips to ensure your blow-dry doesn't flop. "It’s important to remember when you're styling that hair sets either from wet to dry, or from hot to cold," he says. "If it's wet, make sure it's fully dry because otherwise it won't stay, but also when you dry your hair or use an electrical appliance, make sure you let it cool down as well before you brush it out. Because while the hair is still cooling, it hasn't set, and therefore if you then throw your hair back or run your fingers through it while the hair is still warm, it’s not going to set as you wanted it to."


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Flicky layers and fluffy blowouts will be big news for summer 2023.


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Flipping your parting to the side is one of the easiest ways to create '90s-inspired volume at the roots.

7. Bouncy Volume


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Speaking of volume, we'll be seeing voluminous styling take new heights this summer, says McKnight. "A great voluminous and full blow dry never goes out of fashion. There’s nothing more confidence-boosting than a big, bold, and voluminous 'do. It’s elevating in more ways than one, and the ultimate mood booster," he says. "Even though there are certain decades that are instantly recognizable due to the volume shape and silhouette, voluminous hair does feel timeless. It exudes hair health, it feels good, it can make us feel powerful and full of confidence."


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The Bardot updo is the ultimate way to achieve volume while keeping your hair up.


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Tumbling curls are full of volume and bounce.

8. Ponytails


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Ponytails in all shapes and sizes will be a timeless summer hair trend. Whether it's tying back braids, slicking hair back into a high ponytail, or styling it into a bubble ponytail or plait, there is a summer ponytail for everyone and every occasion. "High ponytails are going to be everywhere for 2023, and there is one to suit any occasion," says Percival. "You can wear a perfectly straight high pony, which always looks confident, or for a fashion-forward look, braid the ponytail, either into several smaller braids or into one chunky braid." 


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A bubble ponytail is an easy yet stylish way to give the humble ponytail an update.


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Wearing your ponytail high on the head is super flattering.

9. Low Buns


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Sofia Richie Grainge's wedding hair has brought the low bun back onto the scene, and rightly so, it makes a timeless and chic hairstyle for any occasion. Thankfully, celebrity hairstylist Kathleen Riley took to her TikTok to share exactly how she created the sleek low bun. "Once I had the oil in and the gel, I pulled out some pieces on the top to give it some texture," she says. "I do her buns in sections, that’s the key to a really snatched bun. Then, I did a rope braid and just twisted it up into the bun that it is and pinned it. We left some pieces out over her ears, which I thought was really beautiful."

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I'm equally obsessed with this twisted bun on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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