6 Easy Ways Fashion Girls Are Styling Their Hair Right Now

I don't know about you, but on hot summer days, the last thing I want to be doing is spending the better half of an hour in front of the mirror trying to style my hair into the perfect coif. I've been craving anything low-maintenance with much of my beauty routine (but especially my hair routine). Not only does an elaborate, multi-step styling process feel irrelevant to me, but now that we're getting into summer, I hardly want to waste one more minute than I need to not soaking up the sun, which is why I've been getting inspired by a number of easy summer hairstyles.

Luckily, the fashion girls I already follow on the 'gram have been providing a plethora of cool hair ideas that couldn't be easier to execute, as long as the right styling tools and accessories are involved. Ahead, I'm sharing six summer hairstyle trends I'm particularly keen on as well as the items you'll need to re-create each look.

1. Face-Framing Baby Braids

It can't just be me—these charming micro braids are flooding my Instagram feed at the moment. I've noticed how fashion girls are embracing this '90s vibe and styling micro braids in several tiny strands, especially with one or two to frame the face.

easy braid hairstyles


easy summer hairstyles


summer hairstyles with braids


Get the look:

Spritz this into dry or damp hair to get those fresh-from-the-beach waves and create a tousled texture before adding in the braids.

If you're exacting, like I am, you'll want a fine-tooth comb to separate one-inch sections of hair to set aside for the braids.

Lastly, these near-invisible elastics will hold the style to perfection.

2. Soft, Subtle Waves

For a sleeker look that's still likely to cut down on time, try these soft-looking waves that are popular among the fashion set. You might even become so fond of the style that you turn to it again for seasons to come. The beauty of this one is that it works year-round.

easy summer hairstyles with waves


easy summer wavy hairstyles


Get the look:

Start by brushing wet or damp hair to detangle and banish frizz.

Add in your waves with a curling wand. Using one of these versus a curling iron that has a clip ensures you don't get any of those hard creases.

Protect your precious strands any time you use heat styling.

Lastly, finish it off with flexible hair spray to hold in the waves.

3. Bandana Business

Bandanas are back, people. And they're cooler than ever. Fashion folks are tying theirs over their heads in a very retro way that Carrie Bradshaw once wore. The accessory is the perfect piece to throw on to add some edge to any summertime look.

easy summer hairstyles with scarves


Get the look:

Retro prints will be everywhere this summer.

Look for bold prints to add something special to your outfits.

These florals are perfection.

4. Slick and Shiny

The slicked-back bun is a timeless hairstyle since it always looks polished but secretly requires little skill or effort. In the summer, the stylish set clings to the easy look more than ever.

easy summer hairstyles: slicked-back buns


slicked-back bun hairstyles


Get the look:

Create that smooth finish with this three-in-one spray.

A little pomade like this goes a long way to keep flyaways at bay and slick down those baby hairs.

Secure your pony with these comfortable and cool hair ties.

5. '90s-Inspired

We all have celebs like Bella Hadid to thank for bringing these '90s hair claws back into our lives—perfect for when you're having a bad hair day or you just can't. Sweep your hair back into a twist and secure vertically with the clip. Really lean into the '90s look by taking two front strands out to frame your face.

hair claws


how to style hair claws


hair claw clips


Get the look:

Bright colors feel so right for now.

These acrylic claw clips are bringing me back to my childhood days.

6. Double the Clips, Double the Fun

Another throwback trend? Snap clips and pins worn two at a time and secured symmetrically on either side of your part.

Get the look:

Glide the hot brush onto dry hair to tame frizz and achieve a smooth overall finish.

Keep your tresses smooth with this lotion that protects from heat-styling damage.

Mix and match with these colorful clips.

Next up, the low-maintenance haircut everyone is trying thanks to French girls.

This post was previously published and has since been updated.