This Pivotal Item Always Ensures a Voluminous, Bouncy Blowout at Home


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Let's just be honest—it isn't always easy to achieve that just-back-from-the-salon look at home unless you have the right tools. As someone who has tried for years to perfectly replicate stylist-level sleek hair, I quickly realized that it's all about one particular item in your routine that you might have previously overlooked. Yes, folks, it's time to consider swapping your basic, everyday hair brush for a round brush. Round brushes are great for helping you achieve those large, loose supermodel waves or curls. 

Celebrity hairstylist Jamie Wiley also loves them for this particular reason. "I like using a round brush when the end goal is volume and bounce in a blowout," she says. "The heat from the blow-dryer will heat up a metal or ceramic round brush while also acting as a curling iron. This creates a soft roundness to the overall look." For tips from Wiley on how to choose the right round brush and a few of her favorites, keep on reading. 

How to Choose the Right Round Brush for Your Hair Type


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Wiley has a few tips on how to select the right brush for your hair length and type. For starters, those with short hair will want to opt for a round brush with a smaller barrel so that it's able to gather the hair and turn even at a shorter length. Medium-length hair types can opt for a larger brush with an ideal diameter between 1.7 and 2.75 inches. Longer hair types (especially if yours is also thick) can even go for a jumbo-sized brush around three to four inches in diameter. 

If you have wavy or curly hair, Wiley also has a few notes on what to do before going in with a round brush. "Wavy, curly, and coily hair need different tools and techniques because the hair grows out of the scalp differently," she says. "So as to not create frizz, rough up the cuticle, and damage the integrity of the curl, specific tools are needed. You'll want to detangle and define when starting with wet or damp hair. Great options for wavy, curly, and coily hair are the Wet Brush Shower Detangler ($6) and the Denman Classic Styling Brush ($20). These will detangle and define the curls rather than separate and diffuse." Wiley's picks and a few of our own favorite round brushes are down below.

The Best Round Brushes for Every Hair Type & Length


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