We Cracked the Code: How to Use Mousse for Really Great Hair


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I've never really been one to reach for hair mousse when styling my strands, but I've recently come to the conclusion that I may have dismissed this master styler a bit too soon. It's such a versatile product that works well on every hair type, and celebrity hairstylist Anthony Holguin agrees. Maybe I haven't been reaching for this miracle product simply because I didn't really know how to use it to achieve great hair—just being honest.

Holguin let me in on a few secrets, though. He has a few ways he likes to use mousse for a truly great look. "I like to use mousse two different ways," he says. "One being when it's wet and you're going to get a solid blowout. I like to add mousse to the roots and ends to build memory and hold so that you can get a voluminous blowout and have it last a while. Second, I like to add mousse when hair is dry on a second day to refresh a blowout or if your hair has gone flat. This helps to give back volume to the root and make it look like you just got a fresh blowout! It also helps absorb oils in the hair."

Even if you have curly hair, mousse is still a great product to use to define your curls and helps add a little volume and fullness to them. If Holguin has any tips for mousse novices, it's to be super generous with it. "I also love adding mousse to a wide-tooth comb and combing it through the hair. This helps get it evenly through your strands so you don't miss any spots," he adds. For a few of Holguin's all-time favorite hair mousses and my own picks for each hair type, keep scrolling below.


(Image credit: @anthonyholguin)

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