7 Spring Dresses That Exude Effortless Elegance

dresses for spring, a photo of a woman wearing a white spring dress

It's official. We're only a matter of days away from the official start of spring. With this new period comes the prospect of new beginnings. We are no longer in hibernation, okay? For some, change might come in the form of a new workout routine or hairstyle, but for the fashion crowd, it always comes back to fashion. After all, there's no faster way to feel like you've entered a new era than by switching to a new 'fit. There's something invigorating about making those minor changes within the lens of your personal style, whether in the form of a closet clean-out or the addition of a few new trends. I'd be lying if I said that evolution was an effortless endeavor. Even for the most fashion-forward people, it can be hard to ease ourselves into a new season. Therefore, it's imperative that you find easy ways to make minor changes, especially if you're still feeling like you might be in hibernation mode. 

While there are numerous ways to switch things up slowly, possibly the easiest way is to start by purchasing a few new staples for the season. Hear me out. Investing in basics can make you excited for the start of the season, and it can ensure you have items on hand for when the weather begins to warm up. Which staple is worth purchasing first? Drumroll, please… the dress. Love it or hate it, there's no other item more synonymous with spring fashion than a good ole frock. Plus, if you're trying to look more elegant with little effort, this everyday item can achieve that aim. Disclaimer: Not all dresses are created equal, and some don't exude elegance effortlessly. Nor can all of them invoke excitement for the new season. 

To help you ease into the new season, I've done extensive research to identify the seven types of dresses worth buying right now—bearing in mind recent runway and street style trends as well as versatility and wearability. Ahead, you'll find a roundup of the best dresses for spring along with examples of how stylish people are already wearing them. If these dresses don't make you want to change (into them) on sight, nothing will.

1. Drop-Waist Dresses

woman wearing drop-waist dresses

What's one silhouette that will ensure you look stylish all spring? A drop-waist dress. Since this style began trending last spring, it's become a mainstay in the wardrobes of stylish women everywhere because of its universally flattering shape.

2. Shirtdresses

woman wearing button-down shirt dress

For those mornings when you can't be bothered to spend too much time getting ready, you'll want to turn to a timeless spring staple: a shirtdress. Not only is this style easy to throw on in a rush, but it also works for just about any occasion—e.g., the office, brunch with family, and errands on the weekend.

3. Halter Dresses

woman wearing halter dress

Please take a quick trip down memory lane with me. It's the late '90s, and the halter dress is slowly becoming the go-to item for stars and supermodels. While the sultrier silhouette at that time became synonymous with the going-out look, its return to the runway and street style scene has cemented it as an everyday staple.

4. Maxi Dresses

woman wearing white maxi dress

If I'm being honest, one of the worst parts about transitioning into the spring is deciding what to wear for fluctuating temperatures. Luckily, maxi dresses work for various climates. The long hemline will ensure your legs aren't cold in the morning, while the more free-flowing shape will ensure you don't sweat later in the day.

5. Voluminous Dresses

Woman wearing voluminous dress

Do you know the adage "Go big or go home"? Well, it seems that the style set has taken it to heart, as we've seen voluminous dresses become massively popular. It's worth noting that there are variations in how we've seen this style adopted—some are choosing dresses with bubble hems while others opt for flared-out skirts—but overall, its outsized presence currently makes it a great purchase for spring.

6. Slip Dresses

woman wearing slip dress

It might be hard to imagine right now that there will be days that are scorching hot, but believe me—they're coming. Rather than being caught off guard, you'll want a style you can rely upon. Enter slip dresses into the chat. The lightweight material and billowy shape will ensure you don't break a sweat trying to look stylish in the heat.

7. Draped Dresses

woman wearing draped dress

Lastly, the style that will, without a doubt, ensure you look elegant all spring without exerting too much effort is the draped dress. Whether you shop for this dress with draping around the shoulders, waist, bust, or all over, this design detail will dazzle you and anyone who spots you wearing it.

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman is a fashion editor living in New York City. What began as a hobby (blogging on Tumblr) transformed into a career dedicated to storytelling through various forms of digital media. She started her career at the print publication 303 Magazine, where she wrote stories, helped produce photo shoots, and planned Denver Fashion Week. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked as MyDomaine's social media editor until she was promoted to work across all of Clique's publications (MyDomaine, Byrdie, and Who What Wear) as the community manager. Over the past few years, Jasmine has worked on Who What Wear's editorial team, using her extensive background to champion rising BIPOC designers, weigh in on viral trends, and profile stars such as Janet Mock and Victoria Monét. She is especially interested in exploring how art, fashion, and pop culture intersect online and IRL.