Surprise! Camping Can Be Stylish

Unless you plan on glamping this summer, packing for a weekend away in the outdoors oftentimes involves “roughing it”. And if you’re pitching a tent during peak season, figuring out what to pack for your camping outfits can be a task easier said than done—especially if you’re a fashion girl.

While you can never truly go wrong with a pair of comfortable shorts and a soft T-shirt (along with the cutest accessories, of course), giving yourself a bit of sartorial planning can always benefit you in the long run. After all, if you didn’t post an Instagram while you’re out there, did you really go?

Just because you might be forgoing your standard morning routing for a few days doesn’t mean you have to leave your personal style at home. To give you an idea of what we mean, we pulled together the coolest outfits that are worthy of both an Instagram and the fire pit. Let these be the inspiration you need for your next outdoor adventure.

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