I Wore These 4 Controversial Legging Trends—Here's What Happened

Oh my gosh, is this what a panic attack feels like? I can't go in there. I look crazy, right? I'm totally "that girl." Who do I think I am wearing this to a barre class? Bella Hadid? People are going to stare at me. I can't handle that right now. I'm going to change. No. Don't change. Just do it. You might feel good afterward. No one even cares what you look like. No one will even be looking at you. Lauren, get out of your head, and walk in there. You've got this.

That was the inner monologue that played every single time I wore one of the four controversial legging trends I am about to share with all of you. I'll be honest—at first, it was scary, intimidating, and I definitely felt out of my comfort zone, but by the end of this "controversial" experience, I can say it was well worth it. In fact, some of the pairs I tried are actually my new favorites.

We frequently talk about leggings and legging trends of all kinds here on Who What Wear, especially ones that err more on the controversial side. You know, naked leggings, white leggings, unitards—the leggings we all like to admire on supermodels but are too anxious to try on our own. Well, I took one for the team and decided I should give some of the most talked-about risky legging trends a try IRL as a non-supermodel, non-celeb, normal girl who just likes cute workout clothes.

Alo Yoga was generous enough to provide me with the legging trends I was searching for, including naked leggings, white leggings, uni-leggings, and corset leggings. After all, they are one of the biggest trendsetting athleisure brands around. Here, you'll get a glimpse into my life and thought process as I tested these styles out in actual workout classes. Find out if people stared at me, complimented me, and how each trend made me feel below.

Go on to read about my experience testing out four controversial legging trends in real life.