I'm Experimenting With Adding Color to My Wardrobe—These New Finds Are "It"


(Image credit: @devonleecarlson)

As someone who generally sticks to a neutral uniform, I'm surprised to admit that there's something about spring's bold-color trend that really gets me going. Maybe it's the inherent joy it encapsulates or maybe I'm just bored of black and tan (insert shrug emoji). Either way, I'm taking color risks I never have before, and let me tell you, it feels good. Exhibit A: I recently attended a wedding in a floor-length Pepto-Bismol-pink dress. Was I nervous to wear it? Oh yeah. But I have never gotten more compliments on an item of clothing in my life.

This newfound color confidence has me trying to incorporate brighter hues on a more frequent basis. Am I intrigued by a monochrome tangerine look? Yes, yes, I am. Are there Y2K-inspired, kelly-green sandals currently in my shopping cart? There sure are. And in all honestly, they should be in yours, too. So hop on in, and get to scrolling! A rainbow of fun spring pieces awaits.

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