Chloë Sevigny Wore the Flat-Shoe Trend I Always Wear to the Airport

Some people are born with an innate sense of style. Take perennial cool girl Chloë Sevigny, for example. The New Yorker can throw on just about anything and look incredible. Part of it is the confidence that comes with years of doing your own thing. But Sevigny doesn't have to be decked in designer or wearing avant-garde looks to pique my attention. 

Case in point, Sevigny was spotted strolling her New York neighborhood wearing a classic black leather trench coat and my go-to airport shoes: slip-on loafers. Occasionally called mule loafers or backless loafers, this slip-on style has been around for ages because it's practical and stylish. Late for a flight? Quickly slip them off and on for TSA to make it to your gate before the plane doors close.

Of course, this isn't the only reason I'd recommend a pair of backless loafers. The polished, somewhat preppy shoes fit a range of styles and occasions. They're easy enough to walk in (See how Sevigny styles hers for running around town?) but also look more put together than an everyday pair of sneakers or sandals. 

Given our love for this effortless Sevigny-approved footwear, we've selected several fun pairs that would be a great addition to any wardrobe. The hard part is choosing just one to take home this spring.

How Chloë Sevigny Styles the Trend


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