These 4 Colour Combinations Always Look So Expensive

When it comes to complementary and clashing colours, it can be hard to know which hues work together and which hues just don't. Really, it's down to trial and error (our fashion mantra is to try everything once) and learning from your mistakes. However, should time be of the essence, we're here to help. We've scoured the feeds of our favourite style bloggers to bring you the best colour pairings. Some are a natural fit, but there are also a couple of combinations we didn't think could look so sleek. So what should you wear with khaki? What's the perfect match to lemon yellow? Keep scrolling to discover the chic colour combinations influencers always rely on…

Khaki and Cognac 

Chic Colour Combinations: Monkih Dale in khaki and cognac



Style Notes: Brown and green needn't be reserved for commandos or hikers. In fact, they actually look incredibly expensive when worn together. Keep your clothing khaki and your accessories cognac (a slightly warmer and richer iteration of brown) for the best results.

Style Notes: Usually, wearing pastel on pastel means you're teetering close to the edge of looking like an Easter egg, but not where blue and yellow are concerned. The contrasting blend of warmer and cooler shades makes for a directional yet classic combination.

Biscuit and cream

Chic Colour Combinations: Ada Oguntodu in biscuit and cream



Style Notes: Minimalists have been wearing this tonal pairing for tears, and it's high time you gave it a try if you haven't already. Shades of cream and light camel look effortless together and somehow manage to make even the most casual of ensembles look slick. Add black accessories if you think the outfit needs some definition.

Rose and Red

Style Notes: Formally considered a style taboo, wearing red and pink together is now incredibly chic. The trick is to avoid vivid shades and instead opt for dusty or deep tones.