Every Pant Trend Celebs Are Wearing Instead of Skinny Jeans Is at Nordstrom


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Confession: I should preface this story by sharing that I have never been a skinny-jeans person. I detest how most denim fits my figure, but there’s something about skinny jeans that irks my soul on a whole new level. I know that’s a controversial take considering how much of a staple this style is, but I stand by it, especially since there are so many other denim trends and generally more flattering pant styles one can choose. Of course, if you’ll never give up your skinny jeans, I get it (you do you, darling), but if you’re open to the possibility of embracing something new, then keep reading. With spring in full swing and celebrities finally back out in the streets, there are many pant trends worth paying attention to and purchasing at the moment.

In that vein, I’ve rounded up six styles that dominated spring/summer 2022 collections and have been spotted on the celeb style set, and I shopped them out at Nordstrom. These styles are perfect if you want to mix things up or if you’re finally ready to cut the cord with skinny jeans but just need a little inspiration to do so.

1. Puddle Pants


(Image credit: Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images for Balenciaga; Pictured: Balenciaga Medium Street Leather Flap Bag ($1750))

Long gone are the days of your cropped skinny jeans, and there’s no further proof than the rise of the puddle pants. If you’re wondering what puddle pants are, just think of them as pants that should have been hemmed but are so oversize that they’re either dragging on the ground or creating an overall baggy effect. Is it slightly chaotic? Yes. Is the prospect of foregoing a trip to the tailor intriguing? Also yes. 


(Image credit: Dutch/SplashNews.com; Pictured: R13 Oversized Workwear Bomber Jacket ($695); Bottega Veneta Intreccio Bralette ($800); Vetements Flared Distressed Jeans ($1270); Amina Muaddi Ursina Snakeskin Crystal Ankle-Strap Pumps ($1345))

Even if you don’t love the trend yourself and decide to pass on it for now, there’s no denying that this pant silhouette is very much on the rise. Stars like Rihanna, Alexa Demie, and even Kate Middleton have been spotted donning dramatically long pants recently. Whether anyone beyond the celeb set will ditch their beloved skinny jeans for this trend can only be determined with time.

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2. Relaxed Trousers


(Image credit: @gabunion; Pictured: Jacquemus Black La Maille Pralù Cardigan ($410); Loewe suit and Flamenco Clutch Nano Bag ($1350))

Any of our trends reports will tell you that suiting has been a big trend on the runway and with the celebrity set. But one standout suiting separate that continues to dominate red carpets and the streets is relaxed trousers. Think of them as pants that are still formal but have a wider leg, are a bit baggier, and are styled in a non-traditional way. Trousers can be far more versatile than your skinny jeans ever were, and before you stake claims of blasphemy, just think of the possibilities. 


(Image credit: Karwai Tang/Getty Images)

You can opt for a pair of relaxed trousers in a vibrant hue like Bridgerton star Simone Ashley, or you can stick to your neutrals like Gabrielle Union and spice up a gray suit with a bit of skin. You can even look at other stars like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, who have regularly been spotted in sneakers and relaxed trousers. When it comes to this pant trend, the styling possibilities are limitless, making it an ideal look to try. 

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3. Sporty Spice Pants


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Athleisure attire is by no means something that’s miraculously appeared in the last year, but its trend-forward rival on the runway is worth noting. With S/S 22 collections from Loewe, Dior, and Bottega Veneta focusing on spicing up sporty staples (think: tracksuits with sculptural elements and tennis skirts in luxurious fabrics), it was only a matter of time before we saw the celeb set flocking to this trend.


(Image credit: @tinashenow)

And boy, did they flock. You immediately know some trends as an editor that every celebrity is about to be wearing, and such is the case with Sporty Spice pants. These tracksuits and sweats with trendier elements have managed to pop off the runway and into the lives of pop culture icons because it’s a super easy trend to adopt. It’s been spotted on everyone from Bella Hadid to Tinashe, and I think it’s partially because this pant trend is perfect for everyday life. You can be comfortable while running errands but still cute enough should the paparazzi catch you outside. Of course, not everyone has a legion of cameras following them around, but everyone can easily wear this style.

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4. On the Down Low


(Image credit: Fernando Ramales/BACKGRID)

Don’t hate the messenger, but in addition to the slow demise of skinny jeans, we’ve also seen the revival of the most controversial pant trend of all time: low-rise. For those of us who are old enough, we probably still have slight trauma from when low-rise bell-bottom jeans were a "must-have,” but the resurgence of this pant trend feels surprisingly fresh. With more modern takes on the trend from the S/S 22 collections of labels such as Miu Miu and Christopher Esber, it’s safe to say that a new era of the rise has emerged.


(Image credit: @theestallion; Pictured: Chanel bag)

And the celebs are eating it up on the down low. Gigi Hadid has been spotted multiple times donning low-rise jeans and trousers. Other celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion have been seen in the most Y2K versions of low-rise jeans. All of this is to say that this pant trend has found its way back onto the runway and red carpet, but whether it makes a triumphant return to your wardrobe is solely your call.

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5. Cool Cargos


(Image credit: @dualipa)

Maybe it’s because everyone’s feeling extra nostalgic, or perhaps it's because the Y2K reboot ran amok in spring/summer 2022 collections, but either way, there’s one clear takeaway: Cargo pants are back. Of course, their newer iterations feel a bit fresher—Blumarine sent pink satin cargo pants down the runway, and even Bottega Veneta had luxe wide-leg black ones in the mix. But really, the best thing about this pant trend is how the celeb style set has been wearing it.


(Image credit: @shaymitchell; Pictured: Chanel backpack; Gucci Platform Slide Sandal ($670))

Everyone from Rihanna to Dua Lipa to Cardi B to Shay Mitchell has been spotted wearing cargo pants recently, making it a contender in the race to replace skinny jeans. But what makes the styling of this pant trend so intriguing is that it can really be dressed up or down based on personal tastes. Yes, you can totally lean into the Y2K vibe like Lipa and Mitchell, but you can also style them up with a sleek pair of strappy sandals and a blazer for a sultry night out. Really, they are equally as versatile as your skinny jeans—just way cooler.

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6. Very Short Shorts


(Image credit: Gotham/GC Images; Pictured: Anita Ko Zoe Braided Huggies ($1850); Saint Laurent Monogram Bra in Crystal and Metal ($3390) and Mini Shorts in Lambskin)

Last but certainly not least, the pant trend that’s poised to replace skinny jeans is very short shorts. Recent collections put a heavy emphasis on barely-there piecesincluding micro-shorts. Of course, for anyone reading this, you may be asking yourself, "Why would I give up skinny jeans for a pair of shorts?” But it’s all about the styling—something that the celeb set has already caught on to.


(Image credit: @dojacat; Pictured: Balenciaga Ville XXS Handbag ($1790))

The key to making shorts work is by leaning into whatever aesthetic you’re aiming for. So if you want to re-create the fun suit sets spotted in Saint Laurent’s and Nensi Dojaka’s S/S 22 collections, then you want to look at Bieber’s Met Gala after-party look as the blueprint. If youre going to tap into the Y2K trend, look to Doja Cat’s quirky fur bucket hat paired with a crop top and knit shorts as a guidebook. Basically, the key to making this pant trend and any other one work in your favor is to take cues from the celeb set and go for it. Since there’s a 90% chance you’re not going to be followed around by the paparazzi, you have the freedom to try something new without regrets. Of course, should you find yourself unsatisfied after giving any of these pant trends a trial run, your skinny jeans will always still be there. 

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