The Basics I'm Wearing With Skinny Jeans (and 4 I'm Skipping)

Okay, before I jump in, let’s just remember that you should always wear what you love and what makes you comfortable. That said, I wanted to share with you a few items I’m loving (and also not loving) to perhaps inspire your spring looks. And I wanted to focus specifically on those pieces to pair with skinny jeans. Because yep, I’m one of those fashion people who wear the denim silhouette on the regular. Sure, I’m all for trying new cuts, but it’s those tried-and-true skinnies that I wear the most.

As I’ve highlighted before, I also tend to stick to basics when creating my day-to-day looks. Interestingly enough, there are actually a few specific basic items (well, next-level basics) I’m wearing with my skinny jeans right now to create what I think are super-chic ensembles. Alternatively, there are a few pieces I used to wear often that I’m not wearing as much. Interested in the items I’m into (and not into) right now? I rounded up a range of style-setters wearing the outfits I’m loving with skinny jeans for a bit of visual and shopping inspiration. Keep scrolling for more, and uncover your new go-to denim ’fit.

Wearing: Modern Blazers
Not Wearing as Much: Fitted Blazers

How to wear a blazer and skinny jeans



I used to love super-fitted blazers. However, I’m putting them aside in favor of modern-feeling blazers in slouchier cuts. Honestly, tossing one on with a T-shirt and boots is a no-fail, polished look that just always works.

I can always rely on H&M for reasonable prices. 

I love this baby blue for spring and summer. 

Plaid blazers will always be in style. 

Wearing: Slouchy Leather Jackets
Not Wearing as Much: Cropped Denim Jackets

How to wear a leather jacket and skinny jeans



It’s all about those lived-in leather jackets rn, either blazer-like styles or moto silhouettes. Similar to some of my colleagues, I’m just not into my shorter denim jackets as much with skinnies. A leather jacket feels just a tad chicer, in my opinion.

Don't overlook the great non-denim pieces that Levi's designs. 

Fashion people gravitate toward AllSaints leather jackets. 

I love everything about this outfit. 

This looks way more expensive than it really is. 

Wearing: Cardigans/Matching Sets
Not Wearing as Much: Standard V-Neck Sweaters

Okay, clearly a basic V-neck sweater will never go “out” (keep in mind that deep-V knits are A+), but I want to experiment more with trendy cardigans (loving the matching-set look as well) as a go-to spring staple with skinny jeans.

This cardigan is a best seller, and it's easy to see why. The color is so fun for spring, and the ruffles are super cute. 

Crochet will be such a big trend this spring. 

I absolutely love red and pink together. 

Wearing: Flat Boots
Not Wearing as Much: Flat, Backless Loafers

How to wear flat boots and skinny jeans



I’m all about flat boots right now (especially moto styles) with my skinny jeans for those transitional temps. While I used to wear my backless loafers with jeans on the regular, I’m probably going to limit my wear this season to mix it up.

If you own enough black boots, perhaps it's time to try a white pair? 

Sam Edelman knows exactly how to churn out the top trends each season. 

Dr. Martens seem to be as popular as ever right now. 

A.P.C is the definition of French-girl chic. 

Burgundy is just as wearable as black but adds just a touch of pizzazz.