My Wardrobe Has a "Pants Problem"—These 5 Nordstrom Styles Are the Solution

After months of wondering why it felt like I had so much in my closet yet so little to wear, I recently diagnosed that my wardrobe had a "pants problem." No matter how cute of a top it is or which pair of shoes I put on, nothing looked 2023, and I realized it was because my selection of bottoms was in need of a major overhaul. While many trends come and go, I've found that pants are the slowest category to change in terms of what's in style, but when they do, it's really hard to wrap your head around. I'm still getting used to the fact that it's not always necessary to hem trousers up to my ankles anymore, and while it's been a slow friendship to form, I've finally figured out how to look put-together in loose jeans. If all of this sounds like I'm describing exactly how you feel about your wardrobe, read on.

Below, you'll find five pant styles—including the two I just mentioned—that are the key to a forward-feeling wardrobe both this season and for the ones to come. Of course, it gets better. Not only have I got the outfit inspo to go along with each category, but I've also done us all a favor and kept my selections to being only from Nordstrom since that's the only place we seem to want to buy from anyway. So to get started, simply keep scrolling. 

1. Loose Jeans

Trending Pants For Spring Summer 2023: Loose Jeans



I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to find long, baggy jeans even more flattering than their shorter and tighter counterparts.

2. Linen Pants

This season, linen pants aren't just for vacation. Wear them everywhere and with everything!

3. Trousers

Flowy-but-polished trousers are a must with everything from sneakers to sandals.

4. Satin Pants

Trending Pants For Spring Summer 2023: Silky



Looking for something soft, polished, comfortable, and so much more? Silky satin pants are a must.

5. Cargo Pants

I'm closing out the list with cargo pants—the unexpected wardrobe hero of the year.